Stuff like this just irritates me


I was reading a discussion about pot smoking and the woman who didn’t smoke pot/marijuana, a poster replied to her:

Old miss Dixie from the bayou don’t partake because it goes against her morals…lol

Sweet jesus would never approve.

When I read this it just got me mad. I’m not even sure if the woman is even from the south - it could be just a conclusion that was jumped to. The woman didn’t even mention morals let alone religion. Then another poster jumped on the “backwards Republican conservative” talking point.


I agree. Each person is an individual, and while there can be characteristics that are encouraged by geography and culture, uninformed application of stereotypes and generalisation about any person is/can be offensive or unjust.


Seems that “backwards Republican Conservative” business is getting lots of mileage these days. I subscribe to John Boehner’s Speaker of the House website and you should see some of the comments he receives from liberals! Sad and quite disrespectful.:shrug:


It irritates many.
Take it for what it is worth though, when a person doesn’t have a good argument to present, they resort to personal attacks.

It is the equivalent of schoolyard children calling someone a ‘chicken’ hoping to instigate the other child into doing something they wouldn’t normally do.

I hope this woman/commenter recognizes the tactic and lets it roll off her back.

God bless.


So true! Almost as disrespectful as a member of Congress screaming “liar!” At the President of the United States on the floor of the House!


Don’t fret. Report. Insults are not allowed. In fact any un-Christian conduct is expressly prohibited.

It is best not to start a thread complaining about the posters. Complaining is also not allowed as it is uncharitable.

Your dismay is warranted, but it can be handled differently. ::wink:


I got the impression this happened on a different site.


What is happening to our country (US) is really sad. There is a huge contingent of people who have absolutely no respect for any ideas different than their own, and they are becoming more and more open about it.

They hope by lumping people in with others they assume are generally disapproved of, that people will stop expressing ideas which go against their party line. As that tactic starts to fail, I fear they will resort to stronger measures…

The philosophical descendants of the anti-Catholic “Enlightenment” have always been like this, marginalizing those who don’t agree with them. Obama’s 2008 Berlin speech, while crammed with allusions to events which we can all be proud of, basically set the foundation for what is happening now with its appeals to perfecting humanity and seizing the historical moment.


I hope so too! Thanks!


Point taken! Seems neither side remembers respect or civility:shrug: Even though they may disagree.


I’ve come to the conclusion that the Internet is simply a chum-bucket full of mostly stupid people, and you just have to get over it. You can’t fix them, their minds are hermetically sealed to reason and logic. Just pray for them.


Amen! :thumbsup:


I tend to agree with your statement (the same thing happens also in Australia). In my case, just because I’m an atheist, most believers think I am like that controversial Richard Dawkins. There are moderates within are ranks and at the same time, there are extremists. Mr Dawkins is a bigoted, arrogant, opportunistic megalomaniac who had done more harm (than good) to fellow atheists (Apologies for my strong statement but I won’t be pulling punches this time). He is ruled by his emotions rather than his reasoning. Moderate atheists who are more open to dialogue with other religions had distanced themselves from him and his ilk. He is the “bin Laden” of the Atheist movement. Its more about Mutual Respect that is the cornerstone of peace. Without it, there will be nothing but conflict.


One guy used to say “some folks’ minds are like concrete–all mixed up and permanently set!”:smiley:


I have heard some horrendous atheists, but luckily I have met some really nice atheists, so I understand what you are saying :slight_smile:


Thank you. :slight_smile:


Of course more was said:

Holding onto traditional values isn’t necessary, it’s stubborn. Change is good.


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