Stuff White Christians Like

In the same vein as Stuff White People Like, I found

Stuff White Christians Like

My favorites are: One Hour Service, Sunday Dinner, and the Sunday Nap.

(Website totally not meant to be taken seriously, just to warn people.)

Haha!!! It was only a matter of time until I got to “White Jesus”. I knew it!!:rotfl:

HA! You definitely wouldn’t like our services, then. They’ve been known to hit three hours.

I’ve been to Easter Vigil masses that have lasted over three and half hours.

But I thought it was funny because there are Catholics who want Mass no longer than an hour.:shrug: I have no real experience with non-Catholic services.

And Welcome JohnDeereFan.:wave:

Thanks for the welcome.

Yes, I’ve heard a lot of Catholics complain because they believe their mass goes too long. I find this ironic, given some of the things Catholics believe their mass represents.

Personally, I love the preaching and teaching and worship at our church and am always disappointed with the service ends.

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