Stuffing or dressing?


So, are you going to stuff your turkey or make a pan of dressing separately? And what kind are you going to make? These days they warn you not to cook the stuffing inside the bird. My mother always did, and nothing ever happed to us on account of it.


What a fun thread! Maybe you can do this one as a poll?

I vote “Dressing”, because that’s what we always did, cornbread-based, Mom’s recipe. I tend to agree with Alton “Stuffing is Evil” Brown. I think his main criticism, however, is that to cook the mass of stuffing, you end up cover-cooking the meat (dry).


well since I have ordered a deep fried Cajun turkey from a neighbor, I have no option for stuffing. Gotta be dressing, and since the 2 boys are both gluten-free, I will use a special gluten-free bread that has no other use than dressing. It's vile stuff but it works great for dressing! :)




Stuffing is gross.

We will have two kinds-- regular dressing and a gluten-free cornbread dressing.


We did thanksgiving a month ago, but in any case we always do both, cause we can't fit it all in the bird. We use a sausage stuffing, and I find the stuff tastes about the same either way.

I think the main danger with stuffing is if you leave it in the bird to sit around, either before or after cooking.


Stuffing is only gross if you don't know what you're doing. It helps being married to a chef...;)

We usually have 1 stuffings and 2 dressings... And often up to 20 guests...

I can hardly wait!!!


We do both--stuff the bird and make extra which we wrap in foil and roast in the same pan. We are careful not to overstuff the bird so that the stuffing is cooked all the way through. I like the stuff that's in the bird better. We always remove the stuffing immediately from the bird when it is done. We use a thermometer to determine when the bird is done to the proper temperature, and are meticulously clean in the preparation. In my 62 years, no one has ever gotten sick.


i always used to stuff my bird and never once did i die.

but a few years back, i started making the turkey stuffed with onions and oranges and roasted inside a paper bag. it was so perfect, i never went back to stuffing.

but my dressing (even tho it's no longer stuffing) is pretty righteous stuff, too. bread cubes, wild rice, sage sausage, pineapple, apple, onion and sometimes nuts. loved by many.


Lol, I call our dressing stuffing... I'm usually in charge of the sweet potatoes (brown sugar/ maple syrup/ marshmallows, different varieties, sweet tooth heaven for me, although I do make some less sweet for the people who don't like them as sweet) and mashed potatoes :)...


There's nothing better than good stuffing, cooked in the bird and saturated with the turkey juices. I don't get it very often, however, since on the big holidays, someone else usually hosts and cooks the turkey. Someone who is deathly afraid of dying of stuffing poisoning. I do what my mother did, decades before "stuffin' muffins" were made popular, which is to make "dressing balls." Make your regular stuffing, whatever it is, and moisten it with broth mixed with beaten eggs. The eggs serve as glue to hold them together. Form into balls and bake. They're crispy on the outside and moist on the inside - ideal vehicle for gravy. At one point when the family was larger, I used to make 75 of them!



Butterfly the bird and roast it suspended over a huge pan of stuffing. It's the best of both worlds, because let's face it: you want stuffing with drippings in it, but you cannot possibly get enough stuffing inside the bird. It's a Cook's Illustrated recipe, I've used it for years. The only problem with this method is that you don't get any drippings for gravy.

I used to roast some dark meat separately for gravy, but I just saw a recipe where you cook some turkey sausage to super browned and use that to make the gravy. As long as the sausage isn't the 99% fat-free kind, I think it ought to work!


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Stuffing is gross.

We will have two kinds-- regular dressing and a gluten-free cornbread dressing.


How many celiacs in your family?



I don't know! I'm a bachelor, I've been invited to a friend's and I'm only bringing a bottle of wine and a pie. :o


LOL, what ever mum buys. In Australia, the last thing you want to be over during Christmas is a oven! So we have the big Christmas dinner on the evening of Christmas Eve, mum normally buys a frozen turkey :3 I think it


Dressing definitely.
I think in the South we tend to call it all dressing whether it goes inside or outside the turkey. At least that's been my experience.
I use my great grandma's recipe with sausage(Jimmy Dean's),celery, & onions..Apples & raisins, too if we have them.I might throw in some toasted pecans this year since we now have 4 trees bearing.:)


BOTH!... but we refer to it all as "stuffing"...
OMG my dad makes the most incredible cornbread stuffing (also cooks it separately as dressing)... AMAZINGLY spiced with everything he can find on the spice rack... I'm drooling already! :D


I always make traditional southern corn bread dressing from scratch, and it is always in its own pan, never stuffed in the bird. To add flavor I always boil the neck and giblets to make turkey broth and use that in my dressing, of course I save the giblets for the gravy and use the pan drippings in the gravy.


Coming from a long line of stuffophobiacs, we will have dressing in a separate pan. Though we do use "dressing" and "stuffing" interchangeably, we all know it was never in a bird!


My family does Stove Top stuffing, but we leave it outside the bird for people to take as they wish.


Amost always do the separate thing. It's been several years since I saw it done inside the turkey. Why is that?

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