Stumbling or The Path?

[FONT=Arial]Is it possible for a person to enter the Catholic Church without attending a formal RCIA class if there is no class offered at a time when that person is able to attend?

I new to this forum and am having problems in my new found Faith. These questions are not of “if” the Father, Son and Spirit exist, but how I can better understand what is being told to me/ us and how to filter out what is deceptive. I feel like the parable of the seed on bad ground and The Lord is still working the soil to make it take root. The past 2 years have been ever changing since I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Testicular Cancer, withstanding 13 weeks of chemo (With The Lords help) and then recovery. Unfortunately, after this Grace, (unreconized), I had a tough time and flat out hit bottom. He was there to pick me up. In doing so, now Im still here, imperfect, and feel attacked at times. Sometimes through people, sometimes suttley in sight and heart, lately in a horrific panic, that brought me to Absolute Homage to God. I read in Mathew about the Calming Of the Sea and know I shouldn’t fear what attacks, but yet I am still here in the waves. I don’t feel comfortable in telling what I’ve seen till I can trust that it isn’t being distorted by sin. The original feeling is perfect love without doubt to help me measure, but the rest I don’t understand. Im trying with fellow cancer patients. And when I feel like I may be doing his will and comfortable, BAM, Im starting to see suttle features and movements in and around people. Is this common with believers? This is part of my story on a TC cancer forum and some of the reactions Im getting. In Faith and Hope, Tim

I don’t know if you have ever seen or heard any material by Fr. John Corapi. He mentions how we must pray very hard for the grace that we seek. If we have doubts, we pray for faith. If we don’t trust, we pray for trust Etc. I would strongly urge you to check on line for his material. It will help you.

May God bless you and continue your healing.

Thank you Deacon Tony,
I look for the Spirit through others to help and Thankfully The Lord wills it. Christ Is Lord, Tim

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