Stunning rebuke of Trump

#1 popcorn:


This is his own opinion. Different administration now, different times and
different circumstances.


McRaven is quoted as saying:

[Brennan] is a man of unparalleled integrity, whose honesty and character have never been in question, except by those who don’t know him.

Integrity doesn’t vary depending on who is president.


Pretty strange. Lionizing a man who spied on congressmen and then lied to congress about it. Treated the Russian “dossier” as if it was spy thriller stuff, giving it to the FBI and the DOJ as if it was anything but trash.

And McRaven offers to give up his own security clearance in sympathy. Well, I guess Trump can accept, and probably ought to. This guy thinks it’s a freedom of speech issue? Brennan can still say what he wants to say, and surely will.


Many probably said the same about Comey and Strzok, but we know differently now.


Even the liberal WaPo urged Obama to fire Brennan back in 2014 for lying repeatedly, including to congress and under oath. McRaven ought to take some Prevagen, and soon.


Most of the guilty go off to jail yelling “I was framed, I didn’t do it”!


The senators should have given up theirs computers willingly to the “man of such integrity “. :roll_eyes:


I want my security clearance so I can have freedom of speech.


Brennan admits to voting Communist.



President Trump is picking on the wrong guy if he thinks the revocation of John Brennan’s security clearances is going to intimidate or silence him. The man who is in many ways the architect of the war on militant jihadists is not going to be easily bullied.

Former CIA director Brennan is not just any critic of Trump: unlike many others, he doesn’t come from the left. In fact, Brennan is the engineer of some of the most aggressive American efforts to eliminate jihadist terrorists.

In person, Brennan, who grew up in a devout Catholic working class family in New Jersey, is serious, even stern, not big on small talk and intolerant of BS.


Well…there you have it…a low down lying conniving commie…and a Catholic to boot…we should have known




In front of Congress, he lies.


For some reason, I have trouble taking seriously accusations about lying from Trump supporters… Why is that?


When did Trump lie in front of Congress?
Brennan did. More than once. Fact.
Defend him all you want. He’s a scoundrel.
Even WAPO said he should be fired years ago.
Funny how all a guy like him had to do is try to undermine Trump and the left loves him.


Trump supporters, in my opinion, have no moral high ground from which to throw stones at a patriot like John Brennon.

“After voting for a self-proclaimed genitalia-grabber.
After he suggested dissenters at his rallies should be beaten up.

After hearing him call violent nazis ‘fine people.’ “

“After he ignored mass deaths in Puerto Rico and vilified their public servants”

“After leveraging religion to justify all manner of discrimination.
After ignoring evidence of a Russian interference that threatens our national sovereignty.”

“After his gross, reckless fabrications about Muslims and Mexicans and immigrants.

After witnessing him work tirelessly to take healthcare from the sick and the poor.
After he vilified kneeling black athletes and badgered their employers into silencing their peaceful protest.”

“After his unhinged Twitter rants against private citizens and their businesses, against celebrities and political opponents and world leaders.

After terrorizing teenage shooting survivors on social media.”

“After retweeting the toxic filth of Dana Loesch and Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter.

After celebrating while he’s alienated our greatest allies and aligned with malevolent dictators.

After your silence in the face of migrant children being ripped from their parent’s arms and placed in dog kennels.

After you sat silently while he embraced a Russian dictator over American Intelligence.”

“You lost that moral high ground somewhere between excusing his mocking of a disabled reporter—and celebrating brown-skinned kids in cages.”


Deleted, never mind.


This (below) is the moment when the Republican Party should have abandoned Trump. I would have gained enormous respect for all the Republican candidates if they had just walked off the stage at this moment. Start watching at about 20 seconds.

This guy? This is the guy, out of all the candidates for their party’s nomination, that they chose?



It is interesting that Pat Buchanan did in 1999 what 16 Republicans couldn’t do in 2016, beating him out for their party’s nomination. Strangely enough Pat ran on an “America First” platform. Perhaps that’s where Trump learned how to win nominations.

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