Stupid or just plain liars

Trolling around the internets i came across this site:

Now. Just about everyone here knows why the cross is the way it is…And i assume that considering the amount of work that has gone into this web site. That these people would have come across the reasons for the way it is. So do you think that the people who say these kinds of things or these people in paticular are either just plain out stupid as to have missed the reasons… Or know the reasons and are straight out lying, hoping to “trick” those who aren’t aware of the reasons? This site isn’t just anti Catholic. Its anti everything that isn’t in the benny hinn way of thinking…One more thing. Is this what benny hinn also teaches? I only see him when he is on tv here in Australia When he is shows comes on about 4am on saturday mornings.

Bit of both.
Please don’t link that site, it just makes people angry. Case in point, the page about Pope John Paul II burning in hell promtped someone to start a poll “if you saw this guy in the street would you run him over; get out and punch him; get out and argue; drive past and have your kid catch him with the door”
Also the guys who run it have thick heads. If you write to them they’ll ignore it or send back a single link to one of their pages.
They are against anything and everything, even their own kind sometimes.
Unfortunately there is some kind of free speech on the internet. Short of blowing up their server you can’t stop them from saying this stuff, so the best idea is to just hope no one goes here. If people come on CAF with distorted beliefs about our religion from reading that site or others, we can just try to fix their views here.

I am quite the Protestant and even I find that to be disgusting! It is one thing to say the Papacy is wrong, but another to call our Catholic brothers satanists and idolators.

It is not surprising, though, seeing as the site’s author is a Fundamental Baptist - a lot of them think they are the only ones that will go to Heaven and they can be quite horrible to the rest of Christendom.

In general the best way to deal with this sort of thing is to ignore it (which would include NOT posting links, or visiting the sites) and try very hard to do whatever good thing God wants you to do today. Outright heresy can sometimes be combated by argument and missionary work, but bitterness and venom is only fed by attention. Love, love, love the sinners, but hate the sin. In this case you can probably do both best while ignoring them.

Its amazing how a christian can attack another group of christians with such vehemence and yet claim to be christlike!! I fee sorry for them. Protestants, catholics, pentecostals, etc etc, who do we claim to follow? Our Lord Himself! and yet we turn on one another, criticising, condemning and attacking each other. is this what we learnt from our leader? could Jesus’s suffering have been in vain?

I always find it very very sad when a christian turns on another christian. It should just not happen.


I have stumbled upon this site many a time…
The guy who runs that site is deranged. Basically no group is spared by him, even small fundamentalist churches. I actually have no idea what “church” this guy advocates. I believe he is a form of Baptist, maybe the Bob Jones variety? He is most likely paranoid or mentally ill at best and demonic at worst. I have no idea if he has any followers or like-minded people who give this junk credence.
What can we do?


I agree with you Mercymia.


No True follower of Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior, no True Christian could ever say such evil, hateful things! **Pray for the Redemption of their souls!
i even respect our muslim brothers & sisters who pray devoutly, despite being ignorant of the Truth of Jesus Christ!

That is our fault for not living & preaching the Gospel, not theirs!!

Sancta Maria, Mater dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


that website is horrible… it contains so many lies about the Church I can’t even list them all. It’s so depressing to read.

In response to MercyMia, he supports the Fundamentalist Baptist church.
But, I agree, all Christians must unite in prayer for these types.

The founder of this Anti-Catholic website has in turn a website which has apparently exposed him:

I’ve happened upon that website, too. I thought it was horrific and made up my mind never to revisit it. There are so many lies on that site, who can remember all of them? Be sure to pray for the author and keep the truth in your heart.

Amount of work? LOL!!! :rotfl: Please tell me you’re being sarcastic!! XD I may only have a year’s worth of basic IT education but even I could craft a webpage that looks better than that internet eyesore. Whoever organized all the junk there has as much creativity as a porn site manager.

As far as its content is concerned, it’s actually a huge laugh if you know how mentally far off these people are. I mean they believe children’s toys/games like Pokemon are gateways to witchcraft. Yeah, that sounds like folks you could have an intelligent discussion with. :rolleyes:

I say neither. They’re just a bunch of nutballs and village idiots who just know how to use a computer (I think :rolleyes:). I even wonder if their kids can count.

If you do a search on the site, they actually condemn him.

That website is notoriously bad. The best response is to run away as fast as you can! :wink:

It really doesn’t matter much to me what the guy’s motivation is. Is he mentally ill? Is he willfully deceptive? Is he just plain ignorant? I can’t possibly know the answer to that. All I can do is pray for him and those like him to turn away from promoting hate and turn towards the Lord.

In the meantime, I try not to exert much effort over claims that are so ridiculously false and hateful. And I encourage others to do the same.

The sad thing is the threads I have seen here at CAF where Catholics will link to his site as “evidence” that rock music is satanic. :rolleyes: Have you even looked at the rest of the site!?!?!?

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