stupid question?....

i’ve tried asking on the staff forum…but it got ignored…I guess im asking the obvious but…
an atheist who dosent perceive something as a “sin” (ex: masturbation/porn/fornication)…and keeps on doing it, is that person still commiting a “mortal” sin?..because I read somewhere that for a sin to be mortal…the person has to realize that he/she is commiting a sin?..
but then, his soul isn’t saved regardless of if he does that stuff rightn?..cause he dosent believe in God?..

There are several things to consider. Only invincible ignorance can excuse someone from sin. Meaning that a person does not know this and has no way of knowing it. In today’s culture this is almost impossible. A person’s responsibility is to search the truth. So, the truth is easily accessible with all the means we have. If one decides to ignore this responsibility then he is accounted for his/hers actions. The other thing to consider is natural law. We can reach to the knowledge of natural law, just by reason alone. Meaning that by the very nature of sexuality it is implied that sexual behavior should be for procreation, meaning that doing it with yourself is against nature, for there is no natural purpose there. So, I say this two come in to play: ignorance and natural law.
Being ignorant of someone, one cannot love that person. And by reason alone we can reach to the conclusion of natural laws and that God exists. He/she is, most likely, accountable for his/her actions.

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