Stupid question...


I saw a very nice 1962 Missal, beautiful prints, but there is a problem. It’s massive. 2,215 pages. Are all Missals that big?


I have the Baronius and the Angelus and they are both around that…maybe a little less.



Yes, but they are also all-inclusive and have 2 languages in them. They are symbols of a time long gone, but slowly returning where people actually cared a bit about what went on in Mass.


That sounds like the Baronius missal. If you notice on this chart, the St. Joseph Daily missal is 900 pages shorter. However, it contains only the Ordinary of the Mass in Latin (and English). The Propers are in English only. And because it uses book paper instead of thin missal paper, it is nearly as thick as the others.

One option if you want something smaller and lighter is to look into a Sunday-only missal rather than a daily missal. That will pare things down a great deal.


At over 2,000 pages, the Angelus Press Missal (which I purchased from is excellent and not heavy or hard to carry. It is perfect!!


I use the St Andrews Missal. 1945

Contains all the readings and vespers for the liturgical year, all special masses, the music for the Kyrie, etc and of course the Mass in both Latin and English. Plus the liturgy for all the sacraments.


950 ppgs on rice paper.


Sorry 1950 pages::blush:


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