Stupid sect...

I sympathize those lost boys…they are literally lost. It’s unfortunate they were born into the sect :nope: .

It’s so misleading that they use ‘Jesus Christ’ in their sector name when they’re anything but. Probably want to prey on those who seek the real Jesus Christ.,3604,1505995,00.html

Mohave County, Arizona is not good for one’s mental health.

Well at least the authorities are going after this sect. That’s a good thing.


I am not a cynic when it comes to national newspapers, but the reporting of articles can be inaccurate and misleading at times.

I do not read national newspapers.

God Bless
Saint Andrew.

Saint Andrew…lots of reasons for that skepticism! Sure there are distortions and exaggerations in this article but I suspect the underlying story is correct. Been problems in this area of Arizona for decades (and in the region around Hurricane, UT).

Knew a “jack Mormon”, as he described himself, in the desert north of Kingman. One wife but 9 kids. None of which, he said, was known to the government. He had a very complicated explaination of how we aren’t citizens of the United States of America but are under Admirality law–a tyranny he and his wife refused to live under.

Don’t forget, this is the county where Tim McVeigh and Michael Fortier lived and tested explosives in. End of the roaders end up in Mohave County. Lots of good people too but there have been some with half-tracks and automatic weapons as well.

Is that near Meadow Valley, Utah (not sure of the exact name) where in the nineteenth century 120 settlers were slaughtered by the Mormons?

Dan L

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