Stupidity and Sin

[size=][size=][size=][FONT=“Georgia”]Why do people commit sins if they cannot face the consequences? (Example - women who sleep with someone then get sad the man doesn’t take them seriously. What were you expecting? If you are going to sleep around, expect to meet sleazy people)
Why do people commit sins that will hurt themselves? (Examples - caring what other’s think of you. You cannot please everyone. Why torture yourself by valuing people’s opinions above your own? Another example - holding onto resentment, lack of forgiveness - who gets hurt? YOU)
You should at least receive gratification from your sins.
Are we born with weaknesses or do we choose them? (caring what others think of you, being easily influenced by others, failing to accept the truth or reality, falling in love too easily, being naive or gullible, failure to listen to sound advice, worrying about things you have little control over, lack of wisdom or discernment, impatience, laziness, lack of direction, stubbornness, nosiness, uncontrolled tongue, uncontrolled or unjustified emotions, immaturity, insecurity, thinking you know more than you actually do, not thinking before you speak, being blinded by love or physical beauty, letting your habits control you)
Maybe I am incredibly naive I think it is VERY EASY to not commit mortal sins. I think I could also become a saint if I tried, but I currently do not want though. I think holiness is austere and frightening. I want a normal life. I do not like dreams, visions, mystical experiences, suffering/crosses or afflictions. That is why I am always shocked when priests do, I do not understand how someone who is so familiar with the bible, sin, can fail so terribly. Priests read the bible daily, preach the gospel often, advise others about their sins, have seen the harshest realities of life from visiting the poor, sick, old, abandoned, dying to visiting prisons. Shouldn’t that be enough to stop you from sinning?
I say if you plan on sinning, be heartless, make sure it well pleases you. Why commit a sin that will hurt you or you will get caught? Part of me is like a little bit of sin really aint that bad now, is it?[/size][/size][/FONT][/size]

Haha…that was an interesting way to put it…:wink:

That is because one, some people just don’t think; second some simply don’t care about consequences and third, some just want to do what they want to do and they lie to themselves or make themselves blind to consequences so they don’t have to think about it.

I suspect you are pretty young. It does seem a bit naïve to think most people are thinking about consequences when they choose an action.
Not everybody starts life on an equal footing. Some, for example, are raised by parents who don’t show enough love, so they go looking for love – in the wrong places – and can’t resist it when they find it. I know a woman who’s sleeping with a married man, keeps trying to break it off, but never does. I don’t understand her, but without Christ, what else does she have to make her happy?

Some people are raised to think there’s nothing wrong with stealing, as long as you’re not caught. And so on. It takes some people a long time to find out that there is a God, and longer to learn that He loves them, and longer still to find out what He wants them to do.

I disagree that a little bit of sin isn’t that bad. Sin is turning your back on God, who suffered and died for us, and only asks that we try to do his will. He doesn’t want us to be unhappy, but he does want us to avoid things that hurt us and others.


You are right. I am naive. I guess we do not choose our weaknesses. I am not young though. There are girls my age who have seen the world. I am not realist, just another hopeless romantic.

Young and naive. Young and naive. I look at the people I’ve inadvertently hurt and I think, wow I’m a deceptive pr!ck. Then I realize, if only I had stuck on the straight and narrow. Yes, I suppose I can blame it on this world and its influences, but, I recognize my culpability. It’s why it’s so important for me to really just hang onto my faith.

I say if you plan on sinning, be heartless, make sure it well pleases you. Why commit a sin that will hurt you or you will get caught? Part of me is like a little bit of sin really aint that bad now, is it?

This was my thought process many many years ago. It grows, it just expands, and eventually it becomes a part of you. Then you leave your faith… thinking God left you. He never did; you left Him.

“Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” - Matthew 26:41

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