Subconscious sins?


I’ve heard from various sources since I was a young teenager that someone cannot commit a sin while asleep. However, many people have dreams which they can control. I remember as a young teenager having sexual dreams in which I had to fight hard, while asleep, not to consent to. I am not sure I didn’t have free while in those dreams.

Anyway, I have been wondering if someone can commit a sin subconsciously. What an idea! However, psychologists say we DO have subconscious minds, and that we are truly this mind, *perhaps *even more than our conscious minds.

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I have had dreams where in my dream I know I’m a Catholic and I know it’s wrong and still do it. But I think the important thing is that in dreams we don’t have the access to our self-control the way we do in real life. When I ask myself, “Would I have made the same choice if I had been awake?” the answer is a resounding “No.” I’ve read in several places that we are simply not held accountable for our dreams.

Now where I do hold myself accountable is if the dream is due to my having viewed something impure or if when I wake up I am not immediately ashamed.

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Thomas Aquinas I think had the opinion that if someone is impure during the day, his nighttime sleep sex dreams are sins as well. This ties into subconscious sins as well. Could my mind be sinning without me be fully aware?


Nod On one occasion I had an impure dream that I knew exactly what I had seen that had caused it. There was a rather impure image on Facebook that I stopped to look at :blush: instead of quickly scrolling by. That night I had a dream and the image itself was in the dream. I confessed that one, since I knew I would not have had that dream if I hadn’t looked at that image.


Sin requires full and active consent.
I had a priest tell me in the confessional that we can’t help the random thoughts that pop up due to various influences throughout the day. We certainly don’t invite them in.


Have not watched it - but here from Catholic Answers:


I confessed impure dreams once and my confessor told me it was not a sin, it was natural. But he did say if I viewed inappropriate material before going to sleep which caused the dream, that would be a sin.
I suppose lucid dreaming is a whole other category, if you give full consent then I would say it is sinful.


While well-intentioned, what you’re describing is a spiritual neurosis. To sin you need consent of the will. We don’t sin in our dreams.


Apologist Jimmy Atkins would disagree with your theory on lucid dreams. I have asked a priest about this but all he told me was “But when you know you are dreaming you wake up” So I just decided not to push the issue since he did not seem to understand the question :stuck_out_tongue:


Even lucid dreams may not be as lucid as they seem.


No. I do not think so. There is a huge emphasis on sin here. I love the fact that Catholics do not ignore, justify or change the idea of sin. Sometimes I just like everyone is sinner and what? Try to be the best person you can without always focusing on sin. Sin is in abundance. If it is not a serious sin, then get along with your life. Donate your time to service to others.


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