When Pope Paul VI abolished the subdiaconate in the Latin Church, he left open the possibility of individual bishops’ conferences electing to institute acolytes under the title of subdeacon. Was this provision ever applied anywhere in the world? Are there any countries where instituted acolytes are granted the honorific title of subdeacon?
(Of course certain traditionalist societies such as FSSP and the Eastern Churches still ordain true subdeacons).


I don’t know for sure, however, I attended a Latin Mass once at a diocesan Latin Mass Personal Parish (not FSSP, etc) where an Acolyte acted as the sub-deacon during the Solemn High Mass.

I have no idea, but I’m assume that the Bishop installed the acolyte for that Personal Parish, and then he obviously vested as the Sub-Deacon.



I believe that’s what used to be call a “straw sub-deacon”. Even before the abolition of the minor orders, it is my understanding that acolytes or even other laymen could be commissioned to act as sub-deacon for a particular solemn high mass. This would be different than instituted acolytes using the title “sub-deacon” as an honorific as allowed for by Blessed Paul VI.


ahh, ok.

Well, I know that here in the United States, there are only a few dioceses that install acolytes (other than the Seminarians for the Priesthood Permanent Diaconate). And I never heard of anyone referring to any of those installed acolytes as sub-deacon.

So I have no idea :shrug:


We do have an ordained Sub-Deacon at our parish. He is a Chaldean Sub-Deacon, ordained when he lived in Iraq ( several decades ago).


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