Subliminal messages in binary codes?
I’ve came accross this site today. It says that subliminal messages can be hidden in the binary buildup of a music file. He says that even Christian songs are influenced with this.
So if it’s true, then how many of you struggle with sins because of digital music?

If it’s that hidden, how would your mind even be aware of the messages? Our brains and our consciousnesses aren’t created so as to be able to decode binary (or even backward) messages by listening to them.

So what are you really saying? Hmmmmmmm!

Sounds like a resurrection of the old “backwards masking” paranoia that was popular back when physical things like “records” and “tapes” could actually be played in reverse. Didn’t believe it then, don’t believe it now.

No, this doesn’t make any sense at all. With subliminal messages, you perceive the message, but not consciously. With digital music, you have no audio contact with the “1’s and 0’s”!

Let’s look at the process:

[list]*]Analog: Musician plays music
*]Digital: Music is digitally sampled and turned into digital media (i.e., “1’s and 0’s”)
*]Digital: Music is stored on your device.
*]Analog: The music is converted to an analog signal and played out your speaker[/list]

In other words, what you’re hearing isn’t “ones and zeroes”, it’s sound waves.

(Think back to the telegraph: messages were written down, then encoded into dashes and dots and sent across wires, and decoded back into the original messages at the recipient’s side. Did the person to whom the message was delivered see any dashes or dots? Of course not – all he experienced were the words on the page! Same thing here…)

Video files are music files with a hidden video in it.

The concept is bs. Sublimina messages are supposedly so subtle that the senses don’t pick them up. They are claimed to be in movies. Supposedly they flash so fast that you don’t notice it. The reality is that our senses have limits. If something flashes so fast that you don’t realize you saw it, then you realy didn’t see it. Perception follows the senses, so you won’t get some idea or knowledge except through the senses. If a movie flashes up a picture of coke at a rate that my senses can’t perceive, I am not going to get the urge to buy a coke due to it.

George Harrison admitted to putting a backward message at the end of the Bangladesh album. Nobody noticed. :smiley:



Careful there. You’ll get this thread closed.

So like, messages which are transmitted at pitch which is so low or so high it doesn’t register in our conscious thoughts, but which is still heard by the ears and the subconscious?

That’s the idea, but the problem is that the ears have limits to their power. The reason why you don’t hear ultra low and ultra high frequencies is because they don’t stimulate the neurons that lead from the ear to the brain.

Wrap your mp3 player with tin foil and wear a tin foil hat when you listen to your music :smiley:

BTW, the link is to a proselytizing fundamentalist site with a very paranoid guy running the webpage, so be cautious with anything on there!

@LightBound I don’t know whether he is a Fundamentalist or a Catholic, but I saw crucifixes on his site. Do you know him?
BTW do our brains use binary code? If this is true, then recordings made by ourselves, and even our operating systems might be corrupted (he believes that this was caused by demonic infestation of computers).

No, our brain doesn’t use binary code.

Is there a way to send binary coded subliminal messages to my kids? “Clean up your room”, “Dirty clothes go in the laundry basket”, “Change your underwear every day”, stuff like that.

Not likely. My secret decoder ring says, “Error: Malformed binary. Your binary code is must be divisible by 8.”

He’s a Fundamentalist. Here’s a quote from his page: " Of course, you can be SAVED by repenting your sinful ways and accepting Jesus Christ into your life as your personal savior.

My congregation is the people where ever I am at the moment. My pulpit is the sidewalk, the speaker’s corner, the college quad, or the steps of a building."

The crucifix and use of the title “Brother” would make one think he’s Catholic, but a closer examination of what’s on his page lets you know he’s a Fundamentalist that’s quite paranoid and using that as a method to sell his “app” that removes or alerts you to subliminal messages. Quite the marketing gimmick, actually. I hope no one falls for it! I wouldn’t want his app to mess up my phone.

I would classify him with the Jack Chick and conspiracy crowd and not give him and his delusions another thought.

Is that a Little Orphan Annie secret decoder? If so, how much Ovaltine did you have to buy to get it? :wink:

If I recall correctly, the whole subliminal message issue arose from an experiment/test which claimed that when pictures of soda and popcorn were inserted as single frames into a film, sales of popcorn and soda increased.

However, the results could not be duplicated by others.

My friend had a book back in the 70s about subliminal advertising which claimed that various images were inserted into product logos, or on products themselves. So exposure to the image wasn’t fleeting/momentary but persistent although designed not to be readily apparent to the consumer. There was very little data to indicate that these efforts actually increased sales.

I know there have been efforts to determine whether people actually pick up on backwards messages in music- they don’t. However, it is great marketing hype, because when the word gets out folks want to get a hold of the product and check it out for themselves. It’s not about sending a message subliminally, it’s about getting folks attention by creating a buzz.

As others have indicated, you don’t understand binary when you see it directly. We don’t hear binary, we hear analog- sound waves. Digitally recorded music is converted by your device into an analog signal to the speakers which transform the signal into sound waves (pressure changes in air). Now, it’s possible that digital recording could include coding to play out an analog message, or a morse code type series of pulses. But based on the lack of evidence for visual or other auditory subliminal messages actually having any effect on people, I wouldn’t worry about it.

That’s because the message is subliminal in 4-bit “nibbles” or “half-bytes”.

0011 = 3
0001 = 1
0100 = 4
0001 = 1
0101 = 5
1001 = 9


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