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In the referenced article it appear that a man who owns a car repair service has expressed his right to refuse servicing the car of an openly gay person. I don’t agree with this policy, but it seems that some gays who resent it have taken a far more irrational position reminiscent, oddly, of what you might expect from radical Muslims: Submit or Die! :eek:

Your thoughts?

It sounds like the logical next step on the current path our nation is walking. The party of tolerance’s intolerance will likely lead to open persecution of anyone who’s not as tolerant as they are… And of course, this massive hypocrisy of all this will be lost on most of them.

I might not agree with the guy, but as far as I’m concerned he can deny service to anyone he wants.

Seems like an attention-getting stunt by the auto repair guy. The bakery - florist issues were at least based on religious objections to participation in “gay weddings.” The same cannot be said for auto repair. To support the mechanic’s position, one must also believe that it would be OK for a Catholic to pull into a garage with a car problem, the garage operated by an Evangelical, and upon spotting a St. Christopher medal, the mechanic refusing to provide service to an “evil papist.” That’s not the country we live in.

This kind of idiocy - going so far as to not serve gays in something totally unrelated to their relationship - is ridiculous. That car repair place is just plain wrong. Would the owner refuse to receive treatment from a doctor who was gay if that was the only doctor available?


I agree. The man’s position is outrageous. Fixing a car is in no way participating in the sin of homosexual relations. This stunt is literally doing nothing but spreading hate. Those who support him will use this as an excuse to hate gay people and those against will use it as an excuse to hate anyone who expresses a legitimate concern about being required to participate in sinful behavior.

That’s a stretch.

If a radical Muslim…or any other radical…threatened your life, you’d contact the police. And yet, the police have not received any calls about such alleged threats.

I thus think it’s fair to assume there are no credible threats to his life. Whereas the mechanics behaviour is clear enough, and it is appalling.

Oh yes, we are quickly reaching the time when being anti-gay, is criminal, people are going to view people like this in the same light as child molesters, going to be equally hated in society, Id say this will lead to many people just giving in and accepting whatever is currently popular in society

That too is a stretch. The threats are not appalling? :confused:

If you think the threats are not real, you have to be calling him a liar.

That too is a stretch.

I didn’t say they were not real, I said they were not credible. So no, I did not call him a liar, even implicitly.

A distinction without a difference? :confused:

I think you misunderstood what I meant.

The threats are not credible as in the mechanic does not consider his life in actual danger. The threats, while not at all excusable, are no more than blowing off steam.

They are credible in that they are real. They are not credible in terms of being believable…or he would (should) have contacted the police.

People do, or do not do, all kinds of things they should do or should not do.

What strikes me as odd is that you pass over the threats against the mechanic since you say they are credible. Since when do gays have the right to threaten straights, whether they follow through or not?

If this guy had threatened to kill gays, do you think you would be ignoring him as you seem to be ignoring the gays who threatened him with bodily harm?

Neither he nor the article identifies the threats as coming from gay people.

Anyway, whoever they come from, I have already said such threats are not excusible, and that he ought to contact the police if he believes they are credible threats.

For the record, yes the threats (credible or implausible) are appalling.


I will state for the record that I think that there is a real effort to destroy anyone with any sort of public Christian belief or lifestyle by a pro gay lobby.

I will also state that is guy is absolutely wrong. Refusing business is flat out dumb when you are doing so based on someone being openly “gay” we are not talking about facilitating a gay wedding here or providing sexual enhancers. We are talking about auto mechanics. And really this guy is doing a pretty poor job to try to swindle money out of the public.
Recently in Indiana there was a pizzeria in the news because when asked if it would cater a gay wedding, the owners said no. Which I completely agree with. These poor people were ambushed by a reporter and then caught up in a media firestorm that reached national levels. The couple legitimately had to "go into hiding"and close their pizzeria. Through crowdfunding, over a million dollars was raised in a week for these owners. This guy obviously caught wind of that and took to facebook to purposefully poke a bear.(pun intended)
This guy then posts about “death threats” and just waits for the cash to come rolling in. Except this is pretty obvious.

This is not the kind of people who are harmed by those who seek to push the agenda of gay marriage. This is not the kind of face we need to put on our cause. This guy is a victim of his own garbage on facebook. And he does a disservice to all of us Catholics and Christians who are facing a real threat to religious freedom and our mission to spread the Gospel in an increasingly hostile world. This guy is not one we should rally around, he is just a guy looking to capitalize on civil unrest.

In a free country a business man can do what he wants with his business regardless of who he makes angry.

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