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I’ve been wondering. I don’t want to sound puritanical, but wouldn’t it be a sin to subscribe to secular newspapers or attend and pay tuition at secular universities, since secular newspapers often advocate for things that are against Catholicism and secular universities often allow things on campus that are also against Catholicism?

Is there a way to get around this?




I think Christians should be fine in doing either. Catholics often don’t have any other local news source than secular papers or secular TV or radio for that matter. Also, by getting involved through letters to the editor they can use an effective means of evangelization. The same goes for attending secular universities. We are called to give witness to Christ in our environs and what places need His Presence more than university campuses?


As far as newspapers are concerned, it’s good to be informed. It’s also good to read the opinions of people that we disagree with, so we can engage with them honestly rather than relying on knee-jerk reactions. Most of what you read in a secular newspaper ought to be factual news anyway, not anti-Catholic opinion pieces.

As far as secular universities are concerned- sure, they allow things on campus and in classes that are morally objectionable. So do most Catholic schools these days. Again, it is important to be informed and educated, and that generally requires a certain amount of exposure to people with different beliefs.


You cannot live in a shell like a snail. If you try, you will be rejected by society as some sort of religious fanatic and end up in a mental institution,
Like it or not, you live in a multi cultural, multi religious society and it is incumbent upon you to learn as much about your faith as possible in order to be strong in it. Never forget that our Faith teaches tolerance for others…but it is up to you to learn and strengthen your faith. In that way, you can lead others into the true faith by setting a good example.
In addition, you by rejecting the mass media, you will be operating from a position of ignorance. And, never forget most religious fanatics are ignorant of everything not within their belief system.
From the tone of your query, all you will succeed by not reading secular newspapers or news media in doing is getting rejected because of your societal ignorance, which is counter to everything our Faith stands for.


The secular newspapers report the news and publish editorial opinions, neither are contrary to Catholicism. BTW, I deliver the San Diego Union Tribune every day and the BIG BOSS, Mr. Manchester, is a practicing Catholic, it’s a(n) unglamorous living, but nothing wrong with it. Your taxes are supporting the secular schools, K - graduate school; it would be nice if you could afford a nice Catholic school education also, but most of us cannot afford both; one must be must be firmly educated in Catholicism to be able to ignore what is contrary to the Faith, wherever we find it.


No, it’s not a sin. I often look at secular newspapers online because they often cover things which Catholic newspapers do not. When it comes to subjects of a Catholic nature, I prefer Catholic newspapers though.


I don’t see why it should be “us vs. them” in terms of daily life and what we participate in. Things involving large groups of people like a university or what makes the news (or which stores are successful in an area or which politicians are elected and which policies come to be law, etc.) help to form what our society is, and if we’re just sitting out and not taking part, I don’t think we can complain when things don’t align with our beliefs.

As others said, I think putting yourself in these situations and being an active member of society will do good by showing others a positive example and also by exposing you to the opinions of others - which hopefully will lead you to be more empathetic towards those that are different (I feel this was the case for me personally) as well as possibly offering challenges to your faith, which should make you question certain areas and make you think and pray and research and become better at defending your faith and deeper in your faith (again, speaking from experience personal here.)

I am still not the most competent at explaining or defending the faith, as I would like to be, but having the chance to have discussions with friends from different backgrounds and faiths has helped me.

Good luck in whichever path you decide on!


Thank you all for the responses.

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