Substituting Rosary Mysteries

I normally have 3 days in which I can say the rosary in private. Those days are Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. I would like to substitute Fridays Sorrowful mysteries for the Joyous Mysteries, Since I have been unable to on Monday. Is it a “negative” to substitue mysteries? I need to actually know if this would be a negative thing to do. All three + the luminous have significant value. If someone can answer this or lead me to a documented answer would be great. Thanks, Tom (beatlemania)

when praying alone you can pray any mysteries at any time, pray all or none, use a scriptural rosary or other meditation guide, or not, pray the whole rosary contemplating only one mystery, whatever meets your need at that time.

Hi, Tom -

Relax - the guidelines about which days to pray which Mysteries are just that - guidelines! You’re perfectly free to substitute, or mix & match, different mysteries, anytime you want. :thumbsup:

Pope Paul VI said: “The rosary is an excellent prayer, but the faithful should be serenely free toward it.” (On Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, #55).

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

You sound like someone who should join the rosary confraternity if you haven’t already! :slight_smile:

The only requirement is to pray the fifteen mysteries sometime through the week. :slight_smile:

There are “no negatives” in praying the rosary. His Holiness John Paul II 's Apostolic Letter ROSARIUM VIRGINIS MARIAE is the most amazing document on the Rosary. It is fantastic. Please read it.

Mary constantly sets before the faithful the “mysteries” of her Son, with the desire that the contemplation of those mysteries will release all their saving power.

I would probably say “The Secret of the Rosary” is the most amazing document on the Rosary, but I definitely need to read RVM first.

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