Subtle voices of dissent surface in war-torn Gaza


From the AP:
The group of neighbors surveyed the destruction wreaked on their residential complex by Israeli bombardment, with building after building flattened or punctured by shells. The men then began to voice something almost never heard out loud in Gaza: criticism of its Hamas rulers.
Exhausted by a month of pounding by Israel’s military — on top of seven years of stifling closure of the tiny Mediterranean coastal strip — they questioned Hamas’ handling of the crisis and the wisdom of repeatedly going to war with Israel.
“We do not want to be bombarded every two or three years. We want to lead a good life: Sleep well, drink well and eat well,” said Ziad Rizk, a 37-year-old father of two, a cigarette dangling from his mouth. He stared at the damaged apartment building where he lived. His sofa and a blue baby carriage were perched precariously on a tilting concrete slab that was his floor.
It is impossible to say how widespread such discontent is among Gaza’s 1.8 million residents. Under Hamas rule, it’s rare and dangerous to share even as much as a hint of criticism of the government with outsiders.

Notice this last sentence. It is dangerous for Gaza residents to dissent against their Hamas government. But despite that, this AP reporter was able to find somebody willing to do so.

I consider that to be an EXTREMELY positive sign. If people are sick enough of their situation to where they are willing to risk repercussions in order to speak out, that may be the beginning of a new movement for residents of Gaza. One that might actually stop the attacks and try to do something to improve their lot.

And that might ultimately result in some actual peaceful resolution.

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