SUBWAY restaurant chain discriminates against homeschooled students

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I’m not going to stop eating at Subway over this. After all many conservative organizations discriminate. And I wouldn’t call it discrimination. There may be something they are looking for in the essays that just couldn’t be told except in the public or parochial school environment. Lots of contests disqualify certain people automatically. It’s not always discrimination.

If you read the entire news article, it IS discrimination.

They claim they did not want HSers because the prize is athletic equipment…as if no homeschooler exercises or is into athletics?? We have a fully-equipped exercise room in our home, and our kids are homeschooled!

What I found amusing was that there were two glaring grammatical and spelling errors in the SUBWAY announcement about the contest. :smiley: (gee, maybe they DO need some homeschoolers in their contest after all!)

Thank you for posting this. I already signed the petition and I was debating on whether I should post it here.

I think it just comes down to discrimination. I would like to hear what they have to say about this.

The SCHOOL of the winner gets the prize.

I don’t know … they are the business …they decide the rules…:shrug:

Since the prize is athletic equipment, the company probably wants large numbers of students to benefit from it, not just a couple of kids. I think this thread is calling discrimination where it isn’t warranted.

Yes. Who would get the prize if ahomeschooler entered and won. The parents? It’s not discrimination. It’s called contest rules. Much like excuding men from Miss America. It’s not discrimination. It’s just a prerequisite that Miss America be female.

Haha well if you look at it as discrimination you could also say they were discriminating against non athletic children…I mean, I never played sports and the grand prize is athletic equipment that would be used by athletes. Lol this is ridiculous and not discrimination at all. I for one would be upset if a homeschooler won the prize and got to keep it and use it in their home…or get the equipment and their parents sell it and keep the money.

I can totally understand why homeschoolers are not allowed for this particular grand prize. I guess they felt it would be too much trouble to find another prize just in case a homeschooler won.

Give me a break. Anytime something doesn’t work the way someone wants its discrimination. When did this country become a bunch of 6 year old cry babies.

Not all homeschooled students learn at home by themselves. Many attend classes taught by homeschooling parents. In our group, we have regular meetings in a building we own, for extracurricular activities.

Lol exactly Dragoro!! I think people are so eager to claim discrimination in this country and actually ignore when it really is discrimination. Like the boy who cries wolf…cry it enough and soon people won’t believe you.

I grew up in a time where certain people couldn’t go to a decent school, couldn’t have decent jobs, and weren’t allowed to eat in most restaurants.

Excuse me if I don’t get all weepy when people whine about “discrimination” over every tiny thing. :mad: Thank you to Subway for supporting our public schools. I think I’ll go by Subway and get a sandwich for lunch today.

Maybe they should consider what it was like, and the sacrices people made so that we could be as free as we are today.

Obviously it is discrimination, and it is right to call it what it is. However, I would agree with you that this discrimination is warranted.

If people feel strongly about it, they can go to Quiznos. But if I worked at Subway, I would set up the contest in exactly that way.

Can’t believe I’m agreeing with you :eek:

The prize is $5,000 in athletic equipment.Subway wants it to go to a SCHOOL-not a family. Whats the big deal?

Homeshoolers do face a lot of obstacles BUT when they whine about things like this they tend to marganilze the imporant issues they have to address

I am SICK of the “I am a victim” mentality that is so prevalent in this country. I am sad to see homeshoolers embrace it.

The funding for the equipment could have been donated to a charitable group of the homeschooler’s choice.

According to the American Family association, Subway has issued an apology as they should.

Subway doesn’t need to apologize for anything. Geez louise…muchado about nothing. :shrug:

Well nows Im going to boycott them The only thing i hate more than the victim mentality is those who cave into it.

Now you’re being totally facetious.:wink:

Home schoolers are constantly under attack in states through legislation and I think it makes them more sensitive. I am glad that they had the decency to clear it up.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Contest is open only to legal residents of the Untied (sic) States who are currently over the age of 18 and have children who attend elementary, private or parochial schools that serve grades PreK-6. No home schools will be accepted.

I am not just sick of the constant attacks, trying to make it more difficult to homeschool by requiring more testing and making home schooled children seem inferior. . We all witnessed what happened in California.

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