Subway trains collide near D.C

This could be really bad. I’m praying that the casualty count remains low. And I’m praying for the victims and their families.

"Subway trains collide near D.C.
At least four killed; potential for ‘mass casualty event’

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WASHINGTON - Two Metro transit trains collided at the height of the Monday evening rush hour, killing at least four people, including a female train operator, and severely injuring others as cars of one train jackknifed into the air and fell atop the other. "…

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Nine deaths. Many more injured.

It makes me glad I no longer ride metro, but I feel bad for the people who do. The roads looked more crowded than normal this morning. I’m sure there were many who were scared to go back underground on one of the metro trains.

Prayers for them. :signofcross:

Yes the reports are saying nine dead and perhaps 70 injured. I don’t ride the metro much anymore either, but we do usually take it when we go to the shrine. I will be praying for all involved. May those who died rest in peace.

Looks like it was caused by a computor malfunction.:frowning:

This is tragic. May they all rest in peace and may God bring comfort to their families. And, may he touch our hearts to bring aid to their families, especially to the youngest so in need, the children.

"9/11 general among D.C. train crash victims
Bible school teacher, nurses, moms also mourned following Metro disaster

WASHINGTON - The people who stepped on Metro’s Red Line cars on a warm summer evening were the perfect cross section of the careers and characters who make the nation’s capital so compelling: a military general, a Bible school teacher, single moms balancing work and children. It was during that common gray space of their day, while they passed the time reading a book or fighting the urge to sleep, that a single event united nine of those diverse people in a common tragic fate. "…

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The system is old, overused and outdated, the last time I was in DC (about 5 or six years ago), my children and I were on the Metro red line and it broke down (actually the train in front of us jumped track, no injuries), we finally went back to the Shadygrove MD station where our car was parked and drove into DC to go to Smithsonian. My children will not even get on the local street car system because of the incident, for fear of it breaking down.

The article at the link below indicates that your assessment is right on. That makes this accident even more tragic. That lives were lost due to known issues (aging system) and that perhaps the accident could have been avoided if only the system had been better maintained is tragic. The idea that it might all come down to money not being spent when necessary for whatever reason, not budgeted, not available, whatever, is just so sad.

"Investigators eye train’s age in D.C. crash
Union official: ‘That train was never supposed to get closer than 1,200 feet’

WASHINGTON - A transit operator on the job about three months in the nation’s capital had just started her shift and took over an older train that federal safety officials had warned years earlier should be replaced."…

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