Success was my idol!


It occurred to me this morning that success, and all that comes with it was my idol. Perhaps, it still is! I put the desire for success before my desire for God! I want prestige, monetary adulation, worldly recognition before my love for God! I would be lying to myself if I did not at least acknowledge it. Perhaps the Holy Spirit brought this to my consciousness this early morning. It’s also God’s love and God’s mercy that He has allowed me to come to this realization through my years of “unsuccess” for lack of a better word.
I think I am going to go to confession this Saturday and confess my idolatry to a Priest!


I think we’ve all fallen victim to that particular sin at some time in our lives - when I was younger, I was very ambitious at work and felt very upset if I didn’t get where I wanted to be.

Happily, age tends to bring a more measured perspective! I hope your Confession eases your mind and gives you peace.


How wonderful for you that God has allowed you to see this problem!


Should a Catholic husband live in a marriage without that in his life?


Sorry. My response was in error and meant for another thread.


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