Success with Mass class


Some time ago I posted about a need for information to teach a class on the mass. Since the post I developed a powerpoint presentation and bam!! I got it. I am running the class on two nights, the first the Liturgy of the word, the second the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Attendance has been poor but I measure success by the lives touched not the amount of them. So if one person views the mass in a more personal way… Success.

Thought I would share.



I hope God blesses your efforts.

Would you care to share the text of your presentation? It may be helpful to others, either now or in the future.


email me and I will send you my Power Point presentation via email. It will not have my side notes but you ge the text.




The lady who held my job (as a volunteer who did an outstanding job keeping the CCD program together) before I came shared a valuable thought with me. In every class, in every presentation, you are speaking to one student. If one student hears and understands the message, you have done well.


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