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I have been given many different gifts from God, and feel as though if I indulge in the potential I have been given by God in these gifts, I will be looked down upon as for receiving the Kingdom of Heaven, as if I receive in this world, I have been rewarded, and that’s what I get.

We are to seek a humble living, but in the business of my crafts, it’s sink or swim, and swimming is with sharks.

Secrecy in development is close to impossible.

My gifts are all in art.

Am I then to be told that art is wrong to pursue?

I feel contradictory for “giving it my all,” too.


Let me make sure I understand what your trying to say.

You want to live up to the full potential God has given you, but you feel that doing that would entail living an extravagant and indulgent lifestyle. We are not to pursue luxury and popularity as our ultimate goal, the vocation you feel called to pursue inherently could result in recognition and earthly reward. And in order to be successful and make a fair living of such a vocation, swimming with unsavory characters is unavoidable.

Hmm, I’ll have to get back to you on that one.


Don’t know about the unsavory characters, but trust me, most artists that I know, however talented, do NOT earn a lot of money, and so aren’t extravagant in the least.

Perhaps you could work in some sort of group situation with a bunch of like-minded folks so that there isn’t a spotlight shining on you as an individual? Or work only on projects that give glory to God - decorating churches or creating religious art or something of that nature?


The world would be a much poorer place, spiritually speaking, without the beauty generated by successful artists. I see no problem in trying to live up to your full artistic potential, as long as you remember that your talent is a gift from God and react to success accordingly. It is no sin to be wealthy and successful if you keep perspective and a generous heart.



Please, let me know where this place is that artists become so wealthy they have to worry it is sinful!! My starving artist husband would love to know.


I don’t understand your issue. Perhaps you can elaborate.


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