SUDAN - ISLAM - For Father Samir, Meriam's death sentence adds cruelty to human rights violations [AN]


Raised as a Christian, the Sudanese woman was sentenced to death for apostasy. Because she was married to a Christian man, she was also given 100 lashes for adultery. As Islamic radicalism spreads its violence around the world, it is time for Muslims to condemn Islam’s violent version, choosing the “Islam of the city,” not the “Bedouin Islam of the desert.”



We have a neighbor from Sudan, a family. One hears of all kinds of things on Sudan, horrible, I read a book on it even but it is hard for me to address exactly what is going on over there, I don’t know them well enough. But what I previously did not know is that they are Catholics.

I think they already divided the country once, Darfour and such but they still have more problems, sounds like a complex situation.


This is a dreadful situation. It sounds like something that would have happened centuries ago. It’s tragic that situations like this exist. It also puts things in perspective when people in the western world complain of religious persecution.


Moslems wont condemn not even for 9/11 they stick together , but they are getting more violent around the world as people are not standing up to them, its the Bully syndrome . The bully also pick on the weak in this case a poor woman, they don’t seem to want to beat up another man, they might loose.

We have plenty of Moslems that change my ex was a Moslem before he changed to be Catholic, but he could not ever go home he told me as he would be arrested at the Airport.

Sounds desperation to me, who would want to keep anyone in a Religion they don’t believe in,


I spent three and a half hours one Sunday at our cities Islamic Society. Their “Islam of the city and desert” are combined in the same Mosque. The group of Afghani attired young men isolated themselves from the rest and the city Muslims just acted like the Desert ones weren’t even there. When I asked the kind Pakistani man who invited me if their new Imam was Medina trained he didn’t know just as he was surprised when I told him their last American born one had been. For those who don’t know Medina trained Imam are trained in the extreme 7th century Saudi Arabian Wahabis.

This Pakistani born 30 year resident of the US and may I add highly intelligent man laments about the evil done around the world in the name of Islam but buried his head in the sand when it comes to the evil and violent exploits of his Prophet.

I learned a few days after my visit that Homeland Security has placed this Mosque on the threat level at a number 9 out of 10 from retired military personnel.

I was grateful to God for have spoken with a number of peaceable Muslims but less hopefu about a change based on the well meanings Muslims ever disinheriting their violent fellow Muslims.


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