Sudanese death row mother Meriam clutches her baby girl in the back seat of a car moments after being released by police 'to travel to US'


There are pictures further down the page showing what looks like Sisters from Blessed Teresa of Calcutta’s Order, the Missionaries of Charity…the white and blue sari.

It’s good news anyway, but very good to see this lady being cared for by these courageous Sisters.

Christian mother Meriam Ibrahim was pictured cradling her baby girl in the back seat of a car on Thursday night moments after she was freed by the Sudanese police.


So does this mean she has been freed after her being re-arrested? I’m sure her family will not breathe easy until they are here in the U.S.


The article reporting the re-release was dated yesterday, so it looks like this is true.

Her time in prison must have been horrendous. In her wedding photo she is slender, but in the release photos she is absolutely gaunt. That’s not the way a new mother is supposed to look. In addition to shackling her to the floor, it seems they kept her on a near starvation diet. I hope the baby isn’t suffering from malnutrition.


She is still not allowed to leave the country. :frowning:

God bless.


Last I heard, she was in the US Embassy, so at least she’s not in a place where she can be harrassed by the locals anymore.


Apparently, she is definitely in the US Embassy. Now she is on what is (technically speaking) American soil, it’s to be hoped that she cannot be whisked away again to prison and that she and her family will be safe from here on.

Sudanese woman Meriam Ibrahim ‘safe and well’ in US embassy. Husband of Christian woman whose apostasy death sentence was overturned says she and children doing well.


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