Sudanese woman still faces execution, pressure for conversion mounting [CC]

Miriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman who faces a death sentence for apostasy from Islam, remains in prison, and pressure is mounting for her execution, the Archdiocese of Khartoum …


President Obama still has not spoke out on this. :mad: The husband is a US citizen as are her two children, a boy toddler and a newborn girl.

The State Dept. should IMMEDIATELY declare her a US citizen and issue her a US passport.

She is to be given 100 lashes before being hung.:eek: This is from the religion, Islam, of peace. :mad:

These crazies are going to be empowered by what is going on in Iraq. A very brutal group is taking over that country.

What is the Church saying about this woman? Where is her husband? I have not seen him interviewed. Believe he is from New Hamphire.

Prayer for her. Pray for the Marine still in a Mexican prison. Nothing from the POTUS on that either. Pray Obama resigns. :thumbsup:

This is so incredibly sad. I hope and pray that something can be done to stop the execution from taking place.

Another thought: Obama is the son of an African Muslim. He’d be considered as a Muslim although he states he’s a Christian. (Personally, I doubt he has ever been baptized. Can’t imagine his Mom thinking that was a priority).

He is the product of an affair between his Mom (religion unknown) and a Muslim dad. This woman in Sudan has ALWAYS been a Christian. She converted to Catholicism. She was never a Muslim.

If he wasn’t the POTUS, he could easily be in the same situation being viewed as guilty of apostacy :eek: having become a Christian. Question is, is he? If he is, he certainly should be standing up for this woman but he hasn’t said a word. :shrug:

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