Sudden deaths, 3 yo orphaned


Please pray for the souls of Milica and Marko who were killed in an accident yesterday, and for their 3 yo son Srecko, who is now an orphan!


God have mercy on them and may the Virgin Mary watch over her son Srecko.


I will pray…:byzsoc:


I am praying for the repose of the souls of those you mentioned, and that the Lord will watch over this child. Very sad situation.:frowning:


Oh how sad praying, for the repose of their souls. Praying to Our Blessed Mother for the son!


I’m very sorry. I’ll pray for the family.


May Milica and Marko find their home now in Heaven, and may God the Father and Mary the Blessed Mother provide care in this life for their 3 yo son Srecko.

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~~ the phoenix


I will pray for them.


Prayers offered up today for these children. May they be always comforted by the love of those who care for them.


Sad. I will pray for the repose of the souls and also for the child.




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