Sudden Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours

Sudden Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours

We all have read about the subject of “DIY”, and why it is a mortal sin.

In this forum topic, I would like to engage you, Roman Catholic Priests, into a respectful unbiased discussion, not on “why” it is a mortal sin, but on the subject *“how” *to combat and conquer the beast in sheep-coat that lurks on every corner and seemingly even doesn’t hesitate to share your bed in grievous ways.

  1. Prayer to our Lord is helpful. What are your recommendations, for people in the priesthood, beyond doing a prayer for being delivered from this evil? What methods work best and have stood trial that they work (share your success, please – keep appropriate for all age groups)?

  2. How far is CCC 2352 considered in the priesthood (Priests live celibate and do - and should not - engage with someone else into indecent affairs)?

  3. How are Seminarians dealt with, should they “DIY”, under condition that they try to fight it off but cannot win the battle?

Many Thanks to you fellow Christians taking this serious matter forward with appropriate manners.

May God bless you all.


DIY? Do It Yourself?:shrug:

Yes,I was wondering about that too because I always thought DIY referred to people who preferred to do home improvements without the help of a professional or contractor.

From the context though I think the poster is referring to acts of impurity or self abuse.

DIY “a do it yourself thing”- I was using this acronym in reference to what you might guess what it is, without using inappropriate language

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