Sudden smell of incense?


Yesterday, while we were having breakfast, I smell a strong scent of incense like the ones they are using at masses. I asked my mother and she smell it too. Any thoughts?


Because I’m deathly allergic to incense, I’m aware of its tenacious properties.

It can hang onto clothing and be trapped in the folds of a jacket for weeks or more or could be otherwise transferred to other soft objects. It could transfer from clothes to hair to the pad of a chair quite easily. Depending on the oils used and the duration and quality of initial exposure, it’s quite possible for it to be transfered, isolated somehow (deep in the folds of a jacket, for instance) and then be released sometime later at a level high enough for us to sense.


Perhaps it’s the odor of sanctity?


But we actually missed the mass last Sunday. And take note that we were in the dining area. And we don’t have any kind of incense nor using any incense in the house.


Incense is pervasive. It can last months–or even years–depending on the level of exposure and how well something was sealed afterward. For instance, my MIL made dresses for her daughters, my SIL, when they had their First Holy Communion. After Mass she put them in plastic, sealed dress bags. She took them out to show me her handiwork before my wedding and they STILL smelled faintly of incense more than 2 decades later.

The stuff lasts for-ev-er. More than a couple of weeks, that’s for sure.


The only thing I could think of that is related to it is that a week ago I was invited to the Carmelite Monastery, unfortunately I was not feeling well and didn’t able to come. That’s the time I smell this strong odor of incense.


What is the odor of sanctity?


If it smells remotely like a burning smell you should consult your doctor. It’s often a sign of a brain tumor.



It’s more like the ones they’re using during blessing at the Holy Eucharist


it could be someone had on beard balm. a catholic company makes it and they have one that smells like incense. it seems popular since it is currently sold out. i am not affiliated with them

Holy Smoke
Our newest formula combines the aromas of Frankincense, Myrrh, and a touch of wood smoke to evoke the rich smells of incense.


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