Suffering from Depression?


I keep seeing threads that often suggest that the individual of concern is exhibiting some form of depression.

I’m NOT attempting to DX anyone, however, I’ve had an experience that I’d like to share. Perhaps you will resonate with something here, and do an investigation for yourself.

Several years ago, in my early 20’s I lived in Portland OR. If you’ve ever been there you know it’s a beatiful area. HOWEVER, it rains all the time. If it’s not raining, then it’s overcast. They have sun. Just not enough for this California girl. Within a year of living there, I started experiencing panic attacks, and depression. ONLY, I never really felt I had anything to be depressed about. Sure, I was newly married, and we were struggling financially, but nothing that was extreme. My sex drive, took a drive, and left me behind. I started gaining weight. We lived there several years. It got worse and worse. I went on every anti depressant out there. Nothing helped.

I remember leaving work on a Friday Evening. It had been beautiful all week. The sun was shining. I had “spring fever”. I just wanted to be outside. Friday evening at 4pm, a cloud cover came over, and it rained all weekend. The sun was not to be seen until Monday morning at almost exactly 8:30 am. Just as I headed back into work. I was furious. I also realized that my attitude about this was a little crazy. But I just could NOT believe that there was NO nice weather to be enjoyed.

Finally, I told my DH… I have to get out of here. Fortunately, he agreed to moving back to CA… Where there is more sun. It helped… A LITTLE… basically, enough to get off of meds. But I always felt a little low.

Fast forward. My mother, who battled depression (so I did think perhaps I was pre disposed to it) went for a physical. Her Dr. did a blood test, and low and behold. She had NO vitamin D in her body. They started her on a Vit. D therapy, and within 1 week. She was a different person. COMPLETELY different. She called me… “You’ve got to try this.”

I called my Dr. They tested. I was at the VERY bottom of the range of enough. One more point below… And I would have been officially deficiant. So I started taking the supplement UNDER DR. monitoring. A HUGE CHANGE! I have energy that just doesn’t seem normal. And whenever I feel yucky… I realize I haven’t been taking my D.

So, I certainly DO NOT want to trivialize any serious issue anyone might have. OR suggest that a supplement will solve all their problems. However, I keep seeing a level of depression that I resonate with… and I just wonder. Could some of you just need a very simple solution, that your Dr. is ignoring? Big Pharma will NOT reap the profits of Vit. D supplementation that they will with all the latest and greatest anti depressants. No idea why Drs. are so slow with this.

You can start reading about Vit D & Derpession here. Peel back on that URL to get more info…

If nothing else… next time you get a physical, or go to the Dr. ask them for a test.

If this helps just one person…

How much are you and your mother taking? I take 5,000 IU daily (I think).

I"m not sure my mothers dosage… I think it was REALLY high at first WHICH SHOULD BE DONE WITH A DOCTOR!!! and then lowered to a maintenance dose.

I have taken upwards of 4000 IUs. With noticeable results. If I’m feeling low, I’ll take that. Otherwise, just 2000ius.

I have a friend who tested so low she was on 20000ius for 3 months… then they back down.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND mega dosing…

My doctor said 5,000 IU is normal. 10,000 IU is used sometimes, I know.

we can’t get into medical advice on this forum but I thoroughly sympathize with OP. Living in Cleveland you can go literally months w/o seeing the sun, you go to work in the dark, come home in the dark, when you are out in the middle of the day it is snowing or just plain gloomy. I am so spoiled living in SoTex, when I did go back for a few months to work a contract I also slipped into that typical Cleveland winter depression and resolved especially never to be in a situation where I have to drive to work in all that slush and muck again. VitD is something I don’t have to worry about here, my biggest concern is that in the summer it is too hot and sunny to go swimming! I have to wait until evening.

EXCELLENT POINT… please do not consider this medical advise by any stretch. If it helps some… great… but it may only be the tip of anyone’s iceberg!

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