Suffering vs. Healing

Suffering is something we all experience in our lives. It exists and is considered pretty normal. The Catholic Church teaches us to take up our own cross and follow behind Jesus. Mother Angelica on EWTN tells us to offer up our sufferings for the souls in purgatory. So, is suffering something we simply resign ourselves to do?

Jesus healed many people when He was on earth. And Jesus told us that we would do even greater things than He. But does that include healing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual diseases?

One elderly priest that I have met is physically bent over. He celebrates Mass bent over, hears confessions bent over, and walks throughout the church bent over. When I asked him about healing prayer, he responded “I tried that once”.

We know that Catholic organizations such as Christian Healing Ministries (they have a website) exist and teach parishioner-led healing prayer. Are they a hoax? Or is it that the Church promotes suffering as “the thing to do”? Or is it that the “come easy” mentally of the secular world has impregnated the church’s mentally? “One dab will do you” said the old hair cream commercial.

Christian Healing Ministries teaches that most healing takes time. It consists in “soaking” the recipient in healing prayer on multiple occasions. It is usually not a “one dab will do you activity”.

What is the truth? Do we resign ourselves to just suffer? Do we deny that valid healing prayer exists? Do we eliminate the blocks to healing prayer and then proceed to receive soaking healing prayer?
What should we do?

**Pray that our suffering will lead to healing. We cannot limit this to physical healing. We need to place all of our suffering at the foot of the cross - this is healing - according to His plan for our salvation.

Would you be willing to suffer - if in this - your most beloved family or friend was able to enter eternal paradise. I would.

Suffer for another - Jesus did.**

We can pray for healing. But the answer is not always that you will be able to “leap for joy like a new born calf from it’s stall”…but it can also. Regardless, as humans we suffer, and must learn to count it all joy, to learn whatever it is He is trying to teach us so we can become what He has created us to be.

We are geared toward healing, because we have hope that things will get better. But even a joyful grandma who has arthritis, and trouble getting around, has pain daily. Just moving.

Sure she would want and probably ask for healing, but if we did not suffer we would not ask for much help.

So pray for healing and accept what he gives you and count it all joy.

did you ever read how some of the apostles and early Popes choose to die, can’t remember it now, but you can look it up.

I know years ago Priests use to whip themselves and wear back stuff with studs in to give them selves penace and even wear tight shoes, kinda like people who cut themselves now days.

Even some of the Saints use to suffer themselves for Jesus.

Personally I think to pray for healing of spirit and body. Unforgiveness, worry, anger, guilt, etc all lead to anxiety and stress, which takes a major toll on the body.

I believe Healing is still for today, but I also believe one must heal from the inside out first.

I read a good book, and I may get slack for this but its by Pastor Wright, “A More Excellant Way” its a pretty good read on how and what sin in our life can do to us. I am not saying your be punished for your sins, we are all sinners, by the way he is a Christian Pastor, not Catholic, just to let you know, but its interesting how he talks about sin and health,

sometimes suffering leads people away from God, and sometimes closer to God, I know for myself, it has always lead me closer to him, oh yes and sometimes I had anger toward God, but really it has always brought me closer in the end and made me rely more on him.

I don’t think any of us get out of this world without suffering, emotionally and physically, and I think sometimes the devil hates us, and will try and attack us anyway he can to pull us away from God, by getting us to say yes to things we shouldn’t.

Being a Christian I would stir clear of the New Age stuff, easy to get caught into that stuff, like the Slyvia method, A course in miracles, transcendal mediatation, the emotion code, and even the healing codes. Some of them proclaim to be Christian but are not in the true sense.

I’m sorry I talked to much and will like to see others views on this subject, but in the end yes I do believe God hears our prayers and he will heal who he chooses to heal and in his time and in his way, and it may be thruough other people.


You mentioned, “But does that include healing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual diseases?”
I’d say yes to that AND more, i.e., addictions.

In Lourdes France, from all the testimonies that flow out of there, all of the above seemed to be healed. Especially the spiritual sicknesses of certain sins; unforgiveness of others, loss of faith, obstinancy, bad confessions, laxness, and a variety of other real gems.
People find joy and peace, and their Lord. They come home different inside.

O yes, I forgot to mention, the physical cures, which are on the back burner. Once spiritually healed, the other sufferings don’t seem to be so bad, and in fact, some have even welcomed them to show depth of their love for God. Their attitude changes and they see that their sufferings can effectively save their brothers from going to hell forever because they unite their sufferings with those of Christ as St. Paul said. Things start to make sense for them. The spiritual fog was lifted and their eyes see. What do they see? What Jesus said when he forgave the lame man his sins instead of making him walk again. And he said that forgiving sins is greater. And so these people are healed inside and then some are healed outside as well.

And we are blessed with Confession and the Anointing of the Sick.

Just a little good healing thought. And here is another.

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