Suffering with Our Lady of Sorrows

It’s no surprise that the Servants of Mary, Ministers of the Sick hold a special devotion to the Blessed Mother, who is their principal patroness under the title “Mary, Health of the Sick”. As their work involves caring for the sick and dying, they seek to obtain her maternal comfort and fortitude for those who suffer.

The sisters hold also, a devotion to Mary co-redeemer with Christ, Our Lady of Sorrows. Suffering is not in vain, but when united to the cross of Christ becomes meritorious. The most perfect example of this is Mary who was spiritually crucified with her son at Calvary.

Read about this order and their devotion here:

My director lent me a beautiful book on Our Lady and her Seven Sorrows “Your Sorrow is My Sorrow” by Joyce Rupp - Crossroad Publishing Company. It is a series of beautiful and insightful meditations on the “Seven Sorrows” and the sufferings of Our Lady and then relating those sufferings to what we might experience at differing times in our own lives.
The meditations are particularly beautiful, walking the reader through the traumatic times of Mary’s life as if an intimate to her thoughts and feelings as each of the situations in her life at various points slowly unfolded.

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