*The closer we grow to God, the more we tend to suffer in this world. *

Christ died for the sins of the world so we will have everlasting life.

why then are we supposed to keep suffering ???:confused:??? Is it because of original sin; the fact that we have to repay our Lord for the suffering he did for us; or to prove ourselves worthy to get to Heaven?

I’d like your views.



There is such thing as redemptive suffering. A lot of sints went through it where their closeness to Christ was used by Christ to save souls/ Look at Padre Pio.

Unfortunatley we think that it only happens to great one like the above mentioned and St. Francis, St Catherine etc. We too are called to enter into the complete Pashal mystery of Christ and offer the redemptive value of our sufferings, distractions, difficulties to the Lord for the good of sould who are most in need.

St. Paul tells us ever more beautifully that we are to make up what is lacking in the sacrifice of Jesus (Col 1:24): "Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I complete what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions for the sake of his body, that is, the Church,"
Paul is making a very similar statement here also. By his sufferings he is completing what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions for the church and us. This is a role we all can partake … but this role is dependent on Christ and subordinate to Christ.

Answer this call. Do not just take the Cross but embrace it. Realise that you are being given a splinter of the True Cross.

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This question is probably the major stumbling block to Christianity or any other religion for many people. Unfortunately the answer is not so easy and it takes time to dig it out. Even after contemplated this question for ten years I still struggle with it.

First, suffering is not God’s punishment for original sin. The only punishment for sin is death we are told.

Second, we need to start looking at suffering not as an end itself but rather a means to an end. The ultimate end is salvation. Suffering can make us stronger and better and therefore more likely to reach our ultimate goal.

Society today does a disservice I think by suggesting that we should avoid pain and suffering at all costs. Suffering and death are inevitable so why should we struggle so hard to avoid them? Our purpose in life is not to feel good, but to be good! Suffering can make us better.

An excellent book in my opinion is Peter Kreeft’s Making Sense out of Suffering. I recommend it for those dealing with suffering or just wanting to understand it better.


Two quotes I’ve heard that I’ve always loved:

“If the holy angels were capable of jealousy, they would be jealous of two things: Man’s ability to unite as one with the Lord Jesus in communion, and man’s ability to suffer.”

“If man knew the grace and power release through suffering, he would be on his knees begging for it every moment of his life.”



It seems to me that the closer we come to God the more we realize how far we are from him and that hurts. The more we desire to be holy and around only holiness the more we realize this world is not where we should be. We are IN the world but not OF it. Our happiness and joy is trusting in Jesus and knowing if we do God’s Will, someday we will be eternally happy and our suffering here will seem so trivial then.


[quote=Charles]An excellent book in my opinion is Peter Kreeft’s Making Sense out of Suffering. I recommend it for those dealing with suffering or just wanting to understand it better.

Incredible book! :thumbsup:



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