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Judge rules sisters linked to notorious chain of Southern California abortion clinics must stand trial on charges of practicing medicine without a license

Bertha Bugarin, manager of a notorious chain of abortion clinics catering to lower-income Hispanics in Southern California, has been ordered to stand trial on 18 counts of practicing medicine without a license.

Also ordered to stand trial on four counts of practicing medicine without a license was Bugarin’s sister, Raquel Bugarin. Both sisters are scheduled for arraignment in Department 120 of Los Angeles County Superior Court on June 19, said Jane Robison, a spokeswoman for the district attorney.

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But wait, I thought the back alley days were over since we legalized abortion? And just like the liberals are always crying about big oil making profits while we all suffer at the pumps, Planned Parenthood has a billion dollars in the bank and yet “poor” people cannot afford abortions?! The Senate should put the officers of PP in front of an insulting, condascending group of Senators to find out if they are price gouging abortions. Scumbags.

It’s all about money and there is big money in it. So why shouldn’t some scam artists open shop. More reasons to rid the world of abortion.

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