My dear. Please talk when you know what you are talking about. Is it every one here that talks un knowingly?

What pamphlet have I shared with you on Sufism? Sufism is mainstream Islam. You have Sunni Sufis and Shite Sufis.

This book of Revelation is the first book of hadiths, and I can’t see how it is a secret if every Muslim and non Muslim have access to the whole collection of ahadith by the click of a mouse.

There is no such thing as hidden knowledge also, it’s just that certain things can not be released at certain times.

Please sit back and learn. You’re only getting me upset by talking un educatedly.

Allah subhana wa ta’ala controls EVERYTHING. It’s not up to be to bring some one close to Islam. It’s His job, and if some one is straying, I can’t help that either. I do not have the mystical powers to do that.

God bless you too.

Salah my friend… how are you? You have certainly toned down your shtick since leaving WI. Nice to "see’ you Sheik .:bowdown2:

Thank you Ana. Nice to you see you as well again. Yes leaving WI was one of the best things for me. I left Wahabi Sunnism and began to practice Sufism which is more my type of worshiping God.

Rachel Molly banned me a few times here also. I guess she gave me a chance since now she knows I’m a tolerant sarcastic Sufi, and not a bomb maker or anything.

Please do not bow down to me. Allah subhana wa ta’ala is the ONLY one deserving of worship.

I don’t know anything about Sufism and as this is a thread entitled Sufism, could you tell me how it differs and in what regards it is the same as other Muslims?

I like to learn about other religions so I am merely curious.:slight_smile:

Are there any Sufi’s in Iran or Iraq right now? What total percentage of Islam do you represent? Do other Islamic people consider your sect of Islam to be unlawful by Islamic standards? Could some other Islamic people post in this thread who are not Sufi and shed some light on this?


Historically Sufi is right–Sufism is mainstream Islam. The idea that it isn’t comes from that “Reformation” that Islam actually had (unfortunately) but which ill-informed people call for. Rather like Rishda Tarkaan calling for Tash.

Initially many orthodox Muslims were wary of Sufism, and there have always been forms of it that were seen as suspect. But for much of Islamic history it was a vibrant part of mainstream Islam.


I thought Sufism was the mystic branch of Islam. Kind of like Kabbalah. Am I confusing the word?

Yes. No doubt you will disagree with me if I say that historically Kabbalah is mainstream Judaism as well, right?

That is what I was taught by Rabbi Kalman Bland at Duke. And the little independent reading I’ve done confirms this. It seems to me that in both Islam and Judaism the sidelining of these mystical traditions is a modern development. (Prof. Bland used to talk about the “Calvinization of world religion,” by which he meant the modern tendency to define all world religions in terms of doctrine and ethics rather than ritual or mysticism or magic.) But of course I could be wrong.

Of course modern Jews or Muslims can define themselves however they wish. But as far as I can tell, around, say, 1500 most Jews and most Muslims would have seen their mystical traditions as central and perfectly normal aspects of their faith, not as some bizarre sideshow.


Yes. But I read the prior post saying Sufism was part of all branches of Islam as meaning that it is the mystical/kabbalah part of all branches, not that it is itself the main way Islam is practiced.

Kabbalah has always been part of Judaism, but it is an umbrella term that covers many things, some of them contradictory, and to that extent, it is not “mainstream”.

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