Sugar Cookie Help! ASAP!


Okay, not sure if this is the correct place to put this, but I can’t get ahold of either my mother or MIL to help me.

I’m making sugar cookies - the kind that you use cookie cutters with…and it’s too doughy and sticky. I’ve put lots more flour into it, but it still falls apart and sticks to the spatula (after dousing it with flour) when I try to pick it up. Any ideas? Should I keep adding flour? Thanks :)!


Try putting it in the refrigerator or freezer until it is chilled. It is easier to work with when it is chilled.


Have you tried chilling it? I wouldn’t add any more flour, as it could be too tough. Check your ingredients and proportions, and if they are right, put the dough in the fridge (or freezer briefly) before trying again. Worse comes to worst, just make them drop cookies, instead. (If you want a fabulous sugar cookie recipe, I will post one from my grandma - no rolling, just dropping and flattening with a glass bottom.) Good luck.


I did chill them for about 5 hrs, but I’ll stick them in the freezer again b/c I think I let it get too soft. Thanks!


What was the recipe you used? I make sugar cookies all the time (just made some 2 days ago). Did you soften the butter to the point of liquifying it by chance?


Will it stick to wax paper? Sometimes I roll mine out between two sheets of that or cling wrap.


I used the Betty Crocker recipe (which is what I always use), and I didn’t liquify the butter any more than I usually do (I always manage to liquify it slightly)…I’ve made this recipe at least a dozen times and had no problems with it before, so that’s why I’m so confused and frustrated :(.


It’s not the rolling that’s the problem, but once the cookies are cut, I can’t get them on the spatula (that is covered with flour) and if I do, they fall apart.


Ooh, ooh, ooh. Is liquifying the butter significant? When I make chocolate chip cookies I microwave the butter to soften it enough to mix with the sugar. The batter seems to be an OK consistency, but then when the cookies bake in the oven, they ooze out flat into a paper-thin, burnt-to-a-crisp mess. Is it microwaving the butter that’s doing this?

(Sorry, off the sugar cookie topic…)


It definitely could be the problem with your chocolate chip cookies. Liquifying limits the amount of air that can be incorporated into the mixture when you whip the butter with the sugars. It also can cause the flour to meld incorrectly with the butter once added. The other trick is to really beat the butter,sugar and egg mixture for as long as the instructions tell you. Light and fluffy really does work best.

My home-ec degree is really coming in handy here! :thumbsup:


Is it hot and humid there?


Yes, our kitchen is small and our apartment has poor air circulation, so it is hot and humid in here. I never thought of that.


Ok- could you try spraying your spatula with pam or another non-stick spray? That trick has worked for me before.


you might try, instead of coating cooky cutter and spatula with flour, greasing them and dipping in sugar. I also agree the humidity is probably the real problem, baking just does not work down here a lot of the time.


Thanks! I’m going to try that and let you know how it goes :)!


When mine are too sticky I roll them out on the wax paper, then cut them out and peel away the extra dough. Then flop the whole thing upside down on the cookie tray and peel off the paper.


For the person who asked about chocolate chip cookies, Alton Brown did a “Good Eats” show about that once. He made three different recipes. One was thin and crunchy, one medium, and one thick and soft.


If all else fails, drop the dough in spoonfulls and skip the roll/cut part :smiley:


So this probably isn’t the problem, but the last time I made some I used “better for bread” flour instead of regular all purpose and they were too gooey to cut. I had to drop them onto the cookie sheet.Still tasted yummy though! I have a super delicious recipe that’s been passed down three generations in my family, if anyone is interested. They’re the kind that are very fluffy and cake-like, almost an inch thick, not the flat or crispy ones.


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I’m definitely interested! It’s so sweet of you to offer to share a family recipe with us. :thumbsup:

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