Suggest a Prayer Regimen?


Here’s my background:

I work 3rd shift. Have started college classes part-time, and will in the coming months try to do both full-time. Raised Protestant, but I’m now discovering the truths about the Catholic Church which makes taking a little swim likely. Have begun a prayer regimen that seems to have made great changes in my personality (smoothed-me out some, let’s say) and increased my sensitivity to His leading. I also note that, without even greater discipline, I’m gonna be overwhelmed when my schedule really gets busy.

Presently, I do a general prayer upon waking, the Divine Mercy Chaplet at lunch (3 a-m) and the Rosary before retiring. Are there modifications you might suggest?


I would say what your doing sounds great so far but I would add maybe a few more things to help you grow more with the Lord.

Keep up the Rosary and Chaplet those are great devotions. I would add some Bible reading mediation every day for about 30 minutes. I would also add some Eucharistic adoration once a Week, maybe a day your least busy for a good hour. A partial fast one day a week is also a good way to unite to our Lord.

God bless you on your Journey


Dear EZ3714,
I congratulate you the seriousness of your spiritual life business. At 12, our dear Lord was already in the temple taking care of His Father’s business.
As I was instructed at a young age by my beloved priests at school, we were created to love and serve the Lord in this life and to live happily with Him, for ever in paradise. A very simple statement but of a profound impact in my life. We owe God our worship for who He is -our God. When I start getting sluggish my praying life (it is a temptation not to) that statement comes to my mind immediately and no matter how tire, busy or disinterested I am at the moment, at least, I call St. Michael the Archangel to remind me of my duty to God. I notice right away that God has heard my prayer and He increases my desire for praying with which I am telling Him I love You my Lord and my God.
The mission of all Christians is precisely to pray for all the needs of God’s children, including those who are lukewarm in their love for God. I’ll pray with you in mind, from now on; I hope you do it for me too.
May God increase and perfect your prayer life. :thumbsup:


Ouch. Faithful are the wounds of a friend. Yes, I need to have more Scripture included in my devotions, and yes I have been guilty of praying for my own needs and that of my family and those of my own circle…while ignoring the needs of others. And yes I will pray for you.


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