Suggestion for Spirituality Forums


Hi there,

I have noticed that some people come here to ask questions for help and so on. I have also noticed that some people who should know better have suggested to listen to protestant pastors.

While that has its place in the non-catholic religions discussion area, I do not think it is appropriate here. I think its crossing the line especially when its someone asking for help.

So I suggest making this a rule here.



Agreed. I was protestant for fifteen years - active - well formed. There are a few good and deep wells in protestantism. However, why go there when there are several thousand years worth of incredible Catholic resources? We really have the richest spiritual store house on the planet. Its a little like driving twenty miles to a 7/11 to do all your grocery shopping when you have a Super Wal-Mart next door. Not wise - no need - potentially confusing spiritually.


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