Suggestion from a bishop: receive Communion in the hand

Our Bishop has left it up to our discretion and choice. I’ve received both ways since we’ve gone back to Mass at our reopening.

I note the document says:
"At this time, Communion will only be distributed under the form of bread, and it is strongly recommended that Communion be received in the hand. This is necessary because of what we know about how the coronavirus is spread. "

Strongly recommended - not law.

I’ve received on the tongue whilst kneeling since it was permitted to attend Mass again.

This is because some lay Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHCs) have a habit of touching people’s mouths/tongues by accident.

Also, because it’s A LOT easier to receive on the tongue when you are kneeling.

Bishop Strickland is a good bishop, so I would not be concerned.

Our archbishop said the same thing.

Please receive in the hand. It wasn’t ordered or required.

It was ordered that only priests may distribute. No EMHC. Which isn’t much of a problem because even though they are having public Mass, most people still aren’t back. (Me, for one.)

The priest at our parish asked that those who wanted to receive on the tongue wait until after those who received in the hand, This was a daily mass and there were not many about 12 all but 2 received on the tongue.

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