Suggestion to all

I have a suggestion. Instead of posting threads attacking what Muslims are doing, why not open threads about theological differences? if we have to post everything is done to Christians or Muslim converts to Christianity, it’ll be endless and the Muslims on this thread can do nothing about it. I personally am fed up with threads talking about violence. Why not focus on differences in theologies?

My question to Muslims : how do you expect to have discussions with Christians if you reject the Bible being the uncorrupt Word of God?

There is a reason I do it. It shows how the Muslims will do anything but apologize and face the fact that they must change. Instead they defend or minimize the horrors. We cannot forget our brethren who suffer under Islamic oppression. The media tends to ignore them.

Dear inJESUS,

I have been considering starting a thread with a question about Islam that I as a practicing Catholic would like to see discussed in a civil manner. However, from what I’ve seen on these forums, all too often, such threads get hijacked … usually by two people, one Catholic or a supporter of Christendom and the other one Muslim or a supporter of Islam, who for perhaps personal ego or whatever reason decide to “duke it out” in what was supposed to be a thoughtful intellectual exchange. Sometimes the hijacking takes the form of the aforesaid two people battling it out on the actual thread topic such that other participants feel too intimidated to post (or are ignored if they try) … other times, the original thread topic is completely lost.

What steps can we take to improve things?

~~ the phoenix

am afraid i don’t know…maybe we can ask the Moderators to delete any digressions? and ask the participants to refrain from responding to anyone whose aim is to disrupt threads.

Cest, i understand what you are talking about, but let me remind you that our Lord warned us that people will kill us thinking they are doing it for God. And we are all sure they’ll have to deal with God later.

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