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I am not sure if this has been asked or if this is in the appropriate forum area…but here goes… Does anyone have suggestions for a book that I might give a loved one that clearly, somewhat briefly if possible, and ideally gives Scripture, Tradition, possibly including Early Church Father references, of the Catholic faith. What we believe and why. It is difficult to talk about because when we try to discuss it, he interrupts me, dismisses what I say and often twists it into something I didn’t say (i’m not sure if purposely or not). He is very argumentative and claims to already know the Catholic faith because of 12 years of Catholic school. However, his reaction to my statements of basic Catholic faith proves otherwise. It is important to me to try to relay my faith to this individual, as he is a loved one. Verbal discussion is not going well at this point. BTW he is of the Non-denominational, 'just be follower of Christ belief", if that is relevant. Although, I don’t want to attack his beliefs specifically, just want something he can read on his own that explains the Catholic faith.

Thank you very much for your time and attention and help.

Or any other suggestions from anyone to deal with this, webpages, etc. Thanks again.

One possibility might be “The Biblical Basis for the Catholic Church” by John Salza.

The provocative title alone might be enough to get him to read it. :thumbsup:

I was recently given a copy of St Augustine’s Enchiridion (Handbook), which I have read and reread with great enjoyment, and it always encourages me to try again at Confessions, City of God, etc. Besides, it’s fun to hold a book written 1600 years ago.
I have a 1947 edition from the Ancient Christian Writers, translated by VR Louis Arand, SS,STD which is actually titled Faith, Hope, and Charity, as justified in the book. The translation, index, and notes are excellent, but may not be available separately, or currently. Other translations are surely on the web, but like any catechism, an index is essential. I’ve written in brief review of it in the following Group, where you might find more ideas and I hope will find further interest in posting reviews and comments: Catholic Book Reviews Group
Congratulations to you for intending such a good deed. Protestants seem to love to read and grumble about this book because Augustine hasn’t expressed all aspects of Catholic Faith, but I think that’s understandable to anyone rational.

This isn’t a “why we believe as we do” book, but it is a good overall explanation of various practices, devotions and types of Catholic prayer.
It’s called
“CATHOLIC SPIRITUAL PRACTICES” A Treasury of Old and New Edited by Colleen M. Griffith & Thomas H. Groome.
Very short chapters by a variety of authors with various writing styles. Takes some of the mystery and confusion out of what people have come to believe about Catholicism.
Nice little book.

“Faith of Our Fathers” by James Cardinal Gibbons
Lays out the Catholic Doctrines pretty clearly, kind of like an easy to read catechism

“Catholicism and Fundamentalism” by Karl Keating
Will most likely include all of his misunderstanding of Catholic doctrine and answers the objections very systematically. One of my personal favorites.

It has surprised me several times how poorly catechized some people who have attended 12 years of Catholic school are.

I forgot about that Keating book…it’s very good, yes.

I have a copy of “Catholicism and Fundamentalism” by Karl Keating that I’d be happy to give you for free.

I agree. I found that to be troubling. Plus this was at a school that had a convent attached. So he was actually taught by nuns. However, I would also add that he was taught as a child and quite a rambunctious one at that, so maybe it just didn’t soak in or he did not grasp what was taught…:shrug:

I was actually looking at the Keating book as well, I was afraid it might come across as an attack, though. Not being familiar with it and all. Does it come across that way at all? I would be interested in it if not.

Thank you for all your help. Such wonderful, helpful people on this site!

Would love to check it out. I can send a self addressed postage paid envelope

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