Suggestions for "British Novel" class?

I’m a bit…unhappy…about some of the novels listed as possibilities for my “Modern British Novel” class next semester. I was hoping to come up with some alternatives that I could present to the professor.

Since this is a “Catholic” school, I was thinking more along the lines of Chesterton and CS Lewis. Stuff like that.

Does anyone have any suggestions? (My teacher seems to be defining “modern” as late 1800’s-mid 1900’s, and is a bit loose about the concept of “novel”.) :rolleyes:

What was so disappointing about the list? In addition to what you have you can suggest Grahame Greene and Evelyn Waugh.

The list seems to be heavily tilted toward homosexual and feminist writings. (I actually had to disable my Internet filter, in order to research some of the novels on the list.) :mad:

Well the time period is right. “Modern” is not in reference to the “newness” of the novels but rather a literary style known as modernism. This is based on the techniques popularly used by writers during a certain period of time. For British modernism you should be reading authors such as: T.S. Elliot, D.H. Lawrence, and James Joyce, A.E. Houseman, Gerard Manley Hopkins and others. A major theme of each will be a disillusionment with Vitcorian manners and society as a whole.

Don’t forget the snobby, aristocratic and wonderful Evelyn Waugh! The last great British novelist.

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