Suggestions for how to start reading Holy Scripture on a daily basis:


I don’t read Scripture on a daily basis and I need to. Any suggestions on how to get started without overwhelming myself? I’m a slow and dense sort of person.

And while I’m pestering this forum once again, how does a person get started with reading the Divine Office, or the Holy Office? I hear it talked about a lot, but I don’t exactly know what it is. Also, is “The Divine Office” its official name?

Thanks for listening.

I like to read at night in bed, after I say my prayers and before I go to sleep. Try starting with just a few verses at a time. You can gradually increase your readings as you gain familiarity with the Bible.

Have fun and God bless!

I started reading the Daily Readings. It put me on the same page as the entire Roman Catholic Church. If that’s too much right now, just start with the Gospel reading for that day.

I use that as my startup page, so whenever I open my browser I have a chance to read the Daily Readings.

my suggestion as always is to start the easy way, with the daily Mass readings, using a daily missal, a devotional with the readings and a meditation, or just go online or to your church bulletin to find the readings and look them up.

Same with the Liturgy of the Hours, or Divine Office, start slow. If you get a devotional like Magnificat, for instance, for the readings and order of the Mass, it also has a brief morning and evening prayer, and the “official” night prayer of the Church, plus a life of a saint and a short meditation each day, similar to those used in the Office of readings, so with that little magazine you can get into the habit of praying this way.

Once you get in the habit of praying at those times, get Shorter Christian Prayer for $15 or so and get used to the 4 week psalm cycle. Or go to for free. When you are comfortable with that you can start adding the propers for Sundays. When you have been praying the LOTH with that book for at least a year to get used to the rhythm, you can look for one volume Christian Prayer.

the easiest way to learn to pray the LOTH properly is with a group who prays so someone can show you.

Start reading the Bible with books you enjoy. Years ago after deciding to read the Bible, I started by reading the first page and planned going through it to the end. But about the time I got to the legal precepts of the law of Moses, I gave this up.
You also should read a Catholic Bible. The Protestants removed some books of the Old Testament, for the most serious thing.

I’ve been reading the scriptures for several months now. I copy the daily Mass readings from ETWN b/c they have a quote from a saint for each day as well. But you could also find the readings in your church bulletin. If I fall behind and skip 2-3 days, I catch up on the readings the next time. I don’t have any set time to read them. I find it’s easier to have peace and quiet when my husband and son are at work or someplace else or after they have gone to bed. If things get hectic, like I said, I catch up in the next few days. I also joined a Bible study at my church, and we studied the Gospel of Mark b/c those are the readings that are going to be featured in the next liturgical year. What I really like about the Catholic Bible is that the footnotes explain everything as you’re reading. If you can find time for nothing else, at least read the Gospel daily. Reading the Bible has helped me to know the Lord better.

If we hear the daily readings/Gospel at Mass or read them at home,could we be content with that,or should we read more gospel chapters for each day?

What I’ve always done is pick one book from the OT and one from the NT and read a chapter from each of them every day. With that method you’ll actually finish the NT in a year and roughly the entire Pentateuch (chapter wise). The best part is it only takes about 5-10 minutes depending on the length of the chapters.

It’s difficult to answer that question. If you are content with it, then you are content. If not, then do something to make yourself content! :slight_smile:

Note that there is a plenary indulgence granted if one reads the Bible for at least one half-hour (#50 in the Handbook of Indulgences).

Well, even if I go to Mass I still read the readings for that day b/c you don’t always grasp the full meaning when someone else is reading them, and usually the priest focuses on the meaning of the Gospel but not the other readings. But if you want to read more, then the suggestion to read a chapter a day is a good one imo. The Gospels are always a good place to start.

I have to agree with Veronica about reading the readings yourself. I seemt o miss so much when I only hear the readings but reading them yourself gives time to pause and reflect on certain passages.

I’m trying to get a good routine for personal Bible reading going, but I’m having a bit of trouble, partly because I can’t seem to settle on a way to go about it but mostly because I’m just plain lazy. :o

I was following the daily readings for Mass, and still try to, but I do sometimes find that, although they are a good way to expose oneself to scripture, the way that they offer you only a portion of each book distracts me. I’ve decided to pick a book (I figured I’d start with Romans, because the Pauline epistles have always been hard for me, and there’s nothing like taking the bull by the horns) and just work through it a chapter or two per day. I’m trying to journal about it as I go, because writing things down encourages me to reflect as I read, and I can also include observations I’ve gleaned from commentaries and the like.

But I’ve not really been doing it long enough to decide if it’s a good way or not. We shall see.

I totally agree, which is why a lot of Catholics, as much as they are exposed to readings, don’t know the Bible very well.

There are Apps for smartphones on itunes which allow you to read your Bible in a year.

This thread on reading your bible in a year seems to have a lot of good information.

Also, there is reading and also meditation on scripture. I do both. I both read scripture to refresh my memory and I also focus on one book at a time - one verse at a time where I read the scripture, look at cross references and then pray and meditate on it.

If I were you I would get a Good Study Bible. I have The New Testament Study Bible by Ignatius Press with notes by Dr. Scott Hahn. I start with a book and end up reading the reference material to help explain certain things and you will find yourself flipping through out the Bible and Catechism to read more. Many of the study notes are so helpful in growing in knowledge. :smiley:


I plan on buying the Ignatius study bible too. Too bad it doesn’t cover the whole Bible.

There is so much information in the New Testament it is crazy, but a good crazy. I too wish there was the whole bible. I thought of getting The New Jerusalem Study Bible. It is so expensive though. Maybe I can find it on Amazon.

Has anyone ever downloaded a E-Bible? Was wondering if is worth it?:shrug:

Thank you for the helpful comments.


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