Suggestions for Muslim forums

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping you can give me some advice. I’ve been trying to find a Muslim forum comparable in size of members and breadth of topics to CAF but have been having some trouble. Ideally, I’m looking for a site that in addition to being informative regarding Islam, also has a well-frequented section regarding non-Islamic religions/interfaith issues (or something equivalent). The sites I’ve found so far don’t seem to have very many members or at least the threads seem to have only infrequent comments.


Good luck with that, but why ask on CAF, since this is Catholic Answers Forum?

Go to (CAF > Forums > Non-Catholic Religions) :wink:, and start new threads asking your questions about Islam, we have well educated and knowledgeable Islamic dogma members here on CAF :thumbsup:, at least you will not get any bias answer using the taqiyya principle because members here are mainly Christians.


Please keep me in your loop.

God’s peace, Sam.

Hi Qwestions. I thought I’d ask here in case members of this site had visited such a forum. Many of the members, including those who frequent the Non-Catholic subforum seem quite knowledgeable about different faiths. That was all. Since I was having trouble finding a forum, I had to ask somewhere :p.

Thanks Sam for the invitation. My knowledge though of Islam is rather cursory. Part of what I’d been interested regarding the Muslim forum idea, was to see the Islamic perspective on different matters. After all, CAF is mainly from a Catholic perspective, which for me is like preaching to the choir :).

I don’t post much here, but I know from reading different threads that Sam and others are quite knowledgeable about Islam. I will certainly post questions as they arise :thumbsup:


You can always ask the Forum Admin about it, or put it in the suggestion box.
I’ve always felt dividing NCRs up into Non-Catholic Christianity and Non-Christian Religions, which would include, Muslim, Buddist, ect. might make more sense, but I don’t make those decisions.

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