Suggestions for next Bible study?


Hi, all. I’m just finishing a study of Galatians with my Evangelical girlfriend and am wondering what we might study next. This study was one she got, so it’s a Protestant study (I had questions about that in this other thread). I think I should suggest our next one, but really nothing in particular has come to mind. I’ll keep praying about it and thinking about what topics we’re discussing, but I’m also open to suggestions. Her old pastor has been working through Matthew’s Gospel, so maybe that (but it’s long. haha). Any thoughts?


Any of the Jeff Cavins studies would be excellent.

I recommend The Bible Timeline, a 24 week overview of the whole Bible. Or you could do “A Biblical Walk with Mary.”



I strongly recommend letter of 1 John, a really beautiful and moving letter, and it’s quite short too. Otherwise Colossians is good. If you would prefer one of the gospels I’d do John.


There’s also the “Quick Journey Through Scripture” which is only 8 weeks. It doesn’t go into as much detail, but I think it’s better to start with that one and have an overview before going into longer studies.

I also recommend any of the Bible studies available through Fellowship of Catholic University Students. Some are gender-specific (Christ-like leadership has a version for men and another for women, for example), but others aren’t. There’s a free app called FOCUS Equip, and the Bible Studies are on the resources tab.


I would recommend this free Catholic Bible study…

It has endorsement from Scott Hahn.

I would suggest doing the Gospel of John the Sacramental Gospel.

Actually Scott Hahn has a Catholic Bible study of John with that title at his website…

Maybe combine the two.


Everything in the quick journey is in the longer study. The quick journey is less expensive though. I found that it doesn’t go into enough depth.

My opinion is that the Cavins/Great Adventure studies are the finest available today.



I did “A Quick Journey Through the Bible” this spring at a local parish. It was really good. But man, those Ascension studies can be expensive. Too bad, because I would love to have Cavins explain a few things. :wink:

I have the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible (and gave her the smaller Galatians/Ephesians book), but those questions are pretty quick and I get a sense they’re more for individual study, as opposed to as a couple or in a group.

I’ll check out your suggestions and keep praying about it. Please pray for us, too! And if anyone wants to weigh in with anything else, I’m open. Thanks!


Maybe the first 5 books of the Old Testament - or Genesis?
The Pslams? Revelation?


He taught us the quick journey last summer at training for FOCUS, and I’m doing it again with my young adult group. If you have the time, then the 24-week course is probably better, but most of us don’t want to make that time. The 8-week is a good compromise.


I would suggest “The Fourth Cup” by Scott Hahn or

A comparison between Genesis ch 1 and John 1:


I have not heard of The Fourth Cup. What is that about? I have read Rome Sweet Rome and The Lamb’s Supper. Good recommendation of comparing Genesis 1 and John 1.


It is absolutely outstanding. Talks about the celebration of Passover at the last supper and how that ties in with the Sacrifice on Calvary and the Eucharist.

Search youtube for Scott Hahn and Fourth Cup.


Thanks! :thumbsup:


Don’t try to be like protestants. You are looking for the correct way to live. Only through the Catholic Church can you find this. I can’t speak for your spiritual experiences. Just giving you some advice.

Presentation ministries has the best resources.


Read a bible verse and then imagine if you was the characters you read about.

Presentation ministries has the best resources.


Free online aufio with powerpoint, maps, photos. Very faithfull.


While they are kind of long–Our Fathers Plan is a good study that covers 14 books of the Bible–taking you through salvation history. It is designed to go with the Our Fathers Plan series (Scott Hahn & Jeff Cavins). Each weeks lesson includes a specific Bible reading, a group of detailed study questions on the scripture reading, cross-referencing to the CCC and then you are supposed to conclude by watching a 25 minute segment from the series.

About 18 years ago we did a Study on the Gospel of John (which my wife, a new Catholic at the time, found really helped her see how) and we are getting ready to do the Catholic Scripture Study International Study on the Gospel of John and are excited to revisit the Gospel in depth again through a different study–it is a 28 lesson study though.

You might check out the CSS (Catholic Scripture Study International) website–they have quite a few studies some short (4 to 10 lessons) as well as the longer studies. I have done their Matthew study. You can view sample lessons on their website–to get an idea of the way their studies are put together and get a feel for the commentary and questions. Maybe something there will speak to you. There authors are Scott Hahn, Mark Shea, Steve Ray, Carl Olson, Mike Aquilina, Dr. Richard Bulzacchelli and Cindy Morales.

I pray you find the study the Lord wants for you both.

The peace of Christ,

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