Suggestions for preparing for the Lord's Day

I have always been fascinated by Jewish people really keep the Sabbath. Now I am not saying I want to be Jewish, but I want to make more of my Lord’s Day starting on Saturday evening (since there is Mass then also). I always liked how the Sabbath had an evening prayer with the meal

I have searched online and have found a few sites with prayers during the meal and preparing.

Here is what I found

I don’t know I want more. I would love some more suggestions

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately as well. Among other things, idea of a Shabbat-style dinner revolving around Sacred Scripture and just plain joy seems wonderful. It’s no wonder that throughout all their trials, the jews of then say that the Sabbath kept them rather than them keeping Sabbath. It’s holy and wonderful. I’d like to honor the Lord’s day with that kind of devotion as well.

Jewish people I know usually light a candle, which I find really nice. It appeals to me.:thumbsup:

There is a recent thread discussing how to make a personal treat a t home.

Perhaps you could incorporate one of those into Saturday evening.

  1. Adoration chapel nearby
  2. Lectio
  3. Spend time in your prayer corner
  4. Cook for the day ahead A N D extra to drop off at a food pantry
  5. Recite along with a chaplet on EWTN

Remember there is also “holy work,” such as serving your family by the mundane such as patching a pipe or cleaning the tub. Your service to others serves the Lord.

And, it is different for senior citizens who live alone. There are Sundays where I am invited to nearby family to have dinner, and sometimes they are invited to my home.

As it turns out we see one another more during the week, so Sundays is mostly a time to myself in a special way with the Lord.

Today after Mass is community Sunday, so I get to visit with friends.

This morning I have watched on DVD three little sections of “Into Great Silence”, and plan to watch a few more this afternoon. (about the Carthusians)

I usually do not do Daytime Prayer from the LOTH, but today is right for me to.

I also have a good book to read from.

Some arts and crafts to work on for Christmas gifts. Knitting, mosaics or calligraphy…

And sometimes a friend calls me up, or I call them to have a phone visit.

a nice tradition i read about was reading the magnificat for sunday on saturday evening after dinner, and reelecting on it in preparation for sunday mass. we try to make sunday a family day if possible.

Women and girls light two candles on Friday night shortly before sundown. The candle-lighting ceremony began with Sarah, the wife of Abraham. (The Karaite Jews do not follow this tradition.) In a sense, the table and home thus become an altar. The light illuminates not only the home but the otherwise dark world with a warm and peaceful glow, and also signals a clear direction in one’s life. Further, it represents the enlightenment achieved by the study of Torah as well as the birth of another soul within mankind.

This is really nice :slight_smile: I love the symbolism in both the Jewish and Catholic traditions–it really shows God’s care for us as physical as well as spiritual creatures.

I am looking to start this Saturday into Sunday


Things I do for the Lord’s Day:

  1. Saturday evening:
    Vespers I for Sunday
    Prepare my envelope for collection at Sunday Holy Mass and put into my missal.
    Read through the Introit, prayers, readings, etc. for the Mass for the next day.
  2. Sunday
    Holy Mass (Extraordinary Form – High, Sung)
    Vespers II
    Try to not shop on Sunday and spend time with the family – quiet day all around.

very nice! you have your own missal? i have thought of purchasing one, but the magnificat is pretty close.

Hi Bisco,
Yes, I do have my own Missal (1962) and I also have a Monastic Diurnal (daily office according to the Rule of St. Benedict) in both Latin and English (as is my Missal). I know that they are each quite expensive, but over the 10 years (at least) that I have been privilieged to attend the Traditional Latin Mass every Sunday, it has been worth it!

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