Suggestions for processional music for a wedding liturgy

This is a great choice!

Battle Hymn of the Republic

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Although assuming the lyrics are the actual words to Ave Maria, I wonder what the problem would be.

My mother did say that the wedding march from Lohengrin was verboten.

There are two popular ones.

The Bach/Gounod and the Schubert. We’re going with the Schubert which is a tad less operatic.

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I had the wedding march from the Sound of Music! (without the singing). Still gives me goosies whenever I hear it!

For a processional, I like Purcell’s trumpet tune or Gigout’s Grand Choeur Dialogue. For a recessional, Mendelssohn’s Wedding March is a classic.

I might be in the minority, but I’ve never been a huge fan of Canon in D. I think it’s a bit overused.

Lots of Catholic parishes forbid that wedding march.

Which one? Canon in D?

No, Mendelssohn’s

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Really? How come?

EDIT: Never mind. I read the article in the previous post.

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