Suggestions for Strong Male Saints?

I would like suggestions for strong male saints, particularly those who overcame strong sexual temptation or any other heroic acts of fortitude in the face of strong temptation to sin.

St. Augustine is my patron and whome I took for my confirmation name. Joseph was Mary’s chaste spouse. I think that St. Bennedict and St. Francis both overcame strong sexual temptation, no?

Who else? Any suggestions?


Check out St. Ignatius of Loyola.
By all accounts, he was a real “ladies man” :wink:
Not to mention pretty vain & prideful!
Wrote a paper on him a couple of years ago-
just goes to prove that God does work in very mysterious ways!! :slight_smile:

St. Anthony the Great certainly comes to mind. For more information, one could look here.

Bl. Rafael Narvaiz Baron is one such; although the website below doesn’t address this temptation in his life, a book I’m presently reading about him does:

You must have read my mind. :smiley: That was the one I was about to write before I saw your post.

I have to say, when it comes to overcoming temptation, my go-to saints are St. Michael, Padre Pio, and St. Benedict.

Saint Moses the Black! He was the leader of thieves but later became a pious monk.

St Josemaria was a strong male saint. His writings exemplify his personality. Perhaps not physically imposing, his way was unmistakably strong and manly. His writings have been referred to as “muscular.”

Read several points from The Way, or Furrow, or Forge to get a sense for his spirit.

St. Thomas Aquinas was born of noble blood. He was expected to inherit the seat of Aquino, his home town, or at least to become the wealthy Benedictine abbot of Monte Casino. Aquinas, though, bumped into the Dominican Order early ;), and after that there was no turning back. He wanted to become a poor soldier for Christ, carrying the flame of His holy cross like a torch lit by a war band marching to the horizon; ever toward the dark hordes and shadow lands of Satan.

When the saint’s family heard about this, his two brothers went to fetch him. He evaded them and went to Rome, but they kidnapped him on the way. Imprisoning him in the family’s ancestral castle (yes, a real locked-tower prisoner), they ordered him to take off the habit and renounce his vows, since they wanted male heirs and he was the eldest son. He refused, and simply kept praying. Eventually, they sent in a prostitute to tempt him. Saint Thomas dismissed her, but she refused to leave. He then did what all normal and excellent saints would do: picked up a burning piece of wood from the fire and forced the temptress out! :smiley: If that’s not manly virtue in devotion to chastity, I don’t know what is.

People often forget that chastity and temperance are the manly virtues. Since men are incredibly lust-filled and are more driven than women by urges to have sex (generally), it is a great struggle to be chaste. We are called to be good, quiet soldiers for Christ, not roaring lions who mount every female nearby. Thanks be to God!

Sts. Thomas More and Bishop Fisher (Martyrs ; both died defending the sanctity of marriage, the authority of the Pope, and the integrity of Christendom), Pope St. Gregory VII (Reformed the Church and chased out the rampant immorality and corruption of the day, and enforced strictly priestly celibacy). He was often attacked - not only in word by councils of his supposed brother Bishops but also with arms by the Holy Roman Emperor. St. Cardinal Newman (defender of the Faith).

The English persecutions produced a litany of English Saints and Martyrs for the Faith that deserve our consideration. Many English Jesuit priests sacrificed their birthrights in prestige and station to become priests at a time when to do so was treason. Many were executed as a result. They spent much of their lives in sorrowful and miserable conditions hiding from the English authorities who chased them constantly. Their heroic defiance of the de-Catholicization of England in the 16th, 17th and even into the 18th centuries are good models for today. You already mentioned some very laudable Saints, such as Augustine and Francis of Assisi. The benevolence of St. Louis the XIV, a King of France who many times had to defend his throne from usurpation with arms, but did so in conformity with Christian virtue and honour, is also laudable.

Pax Christi,

St. Joseph. He was a strong man!

Think about this:

  • He was a carpenter - so we had to be strong and ripped
  • He took Mary as his wife even though she was pregnant not by him - takes a lot of guts to do that
  • He placed his trust in God even though those plans did not seem the greatest.
  • He took his family into Egypt by foot and donkey under the threat of death by King Herod

I would say that St. Joseph is a strong male saint (unfortunately, he’s portrayed as a soft man with lily flowers) and one that is often over looked even though he was the carnal father of Jesus.

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