Suggestions for Valentine's Day


Pump up the love!


you could attend the Rite of Election at the Basilica of Nuestra Virgen de San Juan with our bishop and catechumens.


I just remember my first valentine’s day with my husband (first as in, first… so we were dating at the time). We were out in a small skiing village in the Rockies with some friends and he decided to take me out for dinner. The one nice place in town was really busy of course and there were lots of kids there (nothing wrong with kids but we were wanting more quiet). He ended up taking me to a Chinese Smorgasbord place. Funny eh? The food was awful and when we left after having paid, they accused us of not paying! It was priceless!

We pass by the village often, as we still go skiing out there. Everytime we see the Chinese Smorgasbord place, we laugh. teehee. How romantic.

I think MAKING memories is a great way to spend valentine’s day if you have a significant other that you wish to do so with.

I think when I have a family, I will start a new tradition.

I also think of Sacred Heart when I think of Valentines Day.


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