Suggestions needed for witnessing to an Islam friend


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[quote=matthias]I have a co-worker that is Muslim. We have spoken briefly on a couple occasions about our faith and recently he asked to come to a mass some time with me.

He seems to be strong in his faith but he is very curious and the fact that he would like to attend a Christian service is very interesting.

I would rather let his curiousity lead him than be pushy and turn him off but I was thinking about something I could give him or say before he comes to mass with me that would make his experience a little more clear and also something quick for me to read or listen to that would help me to understand where he is coming from better and better witness to him.

I thought about having him read Mass Appeal before going to mass with me as it explains all the different things that go on in the mass, but I’m not sure if the Christian vocabulary would confuse him, etc.

Any suggestions?

I also thought maby something more “Catholic evangelical” in nature like maby a CD from the Mary Foundation like Father Larry Richards CD on the Mass. It’s pretty exciting and brings the gospel message to life.

Anyway I could use some help as I hope that my friend can come to know Jesus in the One Holy Catholic Church.


Your approach is probably a good idea. Here is something that you can print out and give them later on:

Some supplimentary links: also has some books that you may want to look at.


Suggestions needed for witnessing to an Islam friend.

FWIW, your friend is Muslim, not Islam. “Islamic” refers to a religion (not to people). People who adhere to this religion are called “Muslims.”


I guess one of my reactions to this is that Catholics are always giving others something written by someone else to *read. *It’s almost as though there is an assumption that if it’s written by someone else, what it says has to be more reliable than what the recommender would say.

Why not just take him to Mass, and explain to him what is going on? Say a prayer to the Holy Spirit that what you do makes an impact on his faith.

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