Suggestions on a good Bank...please!


Hi all, bugging for your advice again:D . I am praying that I will be able to move back to California once this divorce is finalized…no, not looking forward to moving after living in and around a big city…anyway.

I need to find a bank that has branches here in Illinois and in California (Fresno area) to make life easier when it comes to moving, the child support payments, etc.

I have an account at Chase at the moment, but they don’t seem to have any branches anywhere in California:eek: , odd for such a big company:shrug: . I’d like to switch banks by the time the divorce is final so that I can provide the new bank for the direct deposit of the child support.

Any suggestions on a good bank? I know that Washington Mutual, Bank of America and Wells Fargo have branches here and in California, are there any others that I don’t know about? Also, out of those which are the best? Your help is appreciated, thanks.:thumbsup:


I would steer clear of Washington Mutual, based on our experience with them. Their service sucked after they bought out our bank, and we got away ASAP. Bank of America has openly supported those who violate our borders by offering them credit cards without requiring a valid SSN (a national security risk, how convenient for anyone wanting to finance terrorist activity) and mortgages, so I would never bank with them.

I guess that leaves Wells Fargo. Don’t know a lot about them. Do you have any military background? USAA has a fabulous bank. That’s where we are now.


I love USAA too!!!


Wells Fargo would be my choice, but then I’m biased b/c I bank with them.


Have you thought of Wachovia? They have amazing customer service, and aren’t they big enough that they’re everywhere?


None in Illinois:( , and in California looks like they’re mostly in Southern California.


No military background.


You might also look to see if there are any credit unions. Some actually have branches in multiple states. And even if they don’t, if they are members of the co op network you can usually go into any branch that is a “CU Center” and have access to funds from another credit union that is a member.

(But there are some limits so check everything out before you go that route.)


Chase, Bank of America, and Wachovia are all targets of boycotts for donating to Planned Parenthood if that matters to you. I’m not sure about Wells Fargo.

I’ve heard really great things about ING lately. I think they have a totally online approach and you can use anyone’s ATM much like USAA. I THINK.


Oh yeah, forgot about ING. We have an Orange savings with them, too. They are totally online, and they have started offering checking, too.


Thanks everyone!!! I looked into the CU Center thing, I have an account at a credit union in California. I called and found out that I can access my California account through a credit union here as long it’s in the Co-op, and vice-versa. I can withdraw money and make deposits to my California credit union account through a credit union here…that’s so cool!!!

So I am going to look for a credit union that I am eligible for here and see if they are in the Co-op, it looks good though:thumbsup: .


I am a big fan of credit unions. They are local, they are not out to gouge, they now offer most if not all of the same services as banks.

Isn’t ING a Chase product?


Well, apparently, I do not qualify for the CU in my area:rolleyes: :mad:, not to pull the race card, but sometimes I do think they base their decisions on that:mad:. They only saw my name on the application cause I submitted it online, must have been too Mexican (rant)…whatever:rolleyes:, their loss!!

Does anyone know anything about Citibank? They have branches here and in the area I’m moving to in California; I looked into Wells Fargo but their nearest branch around here is in WI:shrug:, so they’re out of the question.


Everybody at our CU is too Mexican, mija. :wink: But it would be a drive for you, and you have to live in Kane, DuPage or Kendall County. They do take online apps if you live in DuPage and not Cook.

Do you qualify for the CU out in CA, where you plan on going? You could do a mail or online app, then have your paycheck direct deposited. A lot of CUs offer online banking these days.

But you could apply for Wells Fargo online, then have the place where you work do a direct deposit. All they need is your account number and the Wells Fargo 9-digit routing number. you could then online bank until you move.

I don’t have anything bad to say about Citibank. When we went through identity theft, back in the early 90s when it was still a “new” thing, Citibank was the only company that knew what it was and corrected the situation. But that was over 16 years ago.


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: loved the mija

I live in DuPage county, so I’m not sure why I didn’t qualify, seems like that was the only qualification needed:shrug:, what CU do you use? I do have an account at a CU in California, I’ve had that for almost 10 years so I don’t know what the deal is with this CU.

I need a bank that’s based in the Chicago area, just in case something happens with the direct deposit and my soon to be ex has to personally put money into the account, although since you can make deposits at certain CUs in the network and it goes to your account, maybe that’s all I’ll need. I just want to make it as easy as possible so there aren’t any excuses:rolleyes: when it comes to depositing money.


I am going to PM you the web site. Trust me- You will NOT be the only latina in the credit union.


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